World Overview

After Timedeath, the world fractured. Portals from other timelines, other realities, appeared, and people from these realities crossed over into our world.

Canelux is a continent of brave knights and wise rulers, watched over by a number of deities. The Kingdom of Adeluna has long been a dominant power, with its capital city being a hub for trade and cultures to meet. Egjora is a city-state famed for its navy and all too clean streets. The pirate haven of Vilpamolan has its arms open to anyone who dislikes rules, while Yovaesh Port offers a place to relax away from the rest of society. Grand landscapes and arid deserts are found to the north, but many people still live in these wild places.

Parvpora is a land of extremes, with the Mage College in the cosmopolitan city of Iria and the flying city of Karith, and Kometeia, the land of the halflings and an odd curse. A vast, eternal storm looms over the southern plains of the continent, and dwarves guard their kingdom of Baltil to the north. Shifters and vampires cooperate in the city of Kurayo, while all gods past are memorialized in Abed. The city of Hoja Mesto walks where it pleases, and the enchanted Feeorin forest lures travelers into its depths.