The calendar that is most common is the Adelunian Calendar. This will be the calendar most go by as not to confuse outsiders. Though each civilization in Revaliir does have their own calendar and way to do things.

13-Month Lunar Cycle

Year 1 – Adeluna's founding

Primum – First month of the year

Attius – Second month, named after the first ruler of Adeluna

Crescere – Third month, when farmers begin to sow crops

Bellum – Fourth month, usually when war ramps up

Pluvia – Fifth month, beginning of the rainy season

Turbedo – Sixth month, stormiest time of the year

Calor – Seventh month, hottest time of the year

Autus – Eighth month, when crops grow fastest

Satius – Ninth month, when harvesting begins

Meti – Tenth month, when harvests wrap up

Pacem – Eleventh month, when wars often finish

Nix – Twelfth month, when snows are deepest

Ultima – Last month