Feeorin Forest is known for many things but perhaps it is most famous for the wine that the Goddess Angela creates for the other gods. She is the only one with the recipe and while many have tried to figure out what she uses most usually slit their wrists before getting the final few ingredients. She has been known to warn mortals not to take a sip of the forbidden wine but like with most things mortals don't know how to listen.

A man from Abed once came across a very old wine bottle that belonged to the goddess. While he took a sip of the few drops remaining he proceeded to write down what it tasted like.

“Feeorin Berries. Nightshade. Raspberries? Various other fruits..”

The bottle was disposed of before anyone else could try and place the last of the tasting but when ask Angela said it was an ingredient only she had access to and would not answer anymore questions. A few bottles here or there float around the world of Revaliir but each one is sold with a warning. The merchants are not responsible if you are foolish enough to take a sip of the goddess's wine.

Those who have been in Angela's room have noted that she might actually squish the berries and all the other ingredients with her feet inside of a large tub. The fact she takes her time to properly prepare it instead of using her spells shows her dedication to providing only the best wine for her fellow conclave members.

She has stated that she always grinds the nightshade up and adds it as a final ingredient but she mixes all the berries at once. It is also known for its sweet taste. The color of the wine itself is an eerie blue like the rest of Feeorin Forest and even gives off a slight purple hue from the nightshade.

-Researched by a student mage at the Academy