Luzil - A deformed creature that oozes black ichor out of its pores. They like to come in packs. They are highly resistant to unholy magicks and they are extremely weak again holy and fire magicks. The undead creature infects living hosts and slowly kills the victim. Victims start out by slowly gaining traits of leprosy. -- Since the fall of Cyprus, the last queen of the Black Court, the sightings of Luzil have decreased making these a rare monster of the desert. These creatures tend to roam the sands outside of the oasis.

Giant Sand Wurm - One of the more deadly creatures of the Arri side of the Harena Wastelands. These creatures are part of the reason why Rosenites use fast horses such as Nightmares to get around. Many caravans have fallen prey to them and it is recommended to hire guards from Arri to escort you through the bloody sands.

Nightmare - A special breed of horse that is bred within the Arriese lands. They are fast and agile making traveling safely at least a little more possible. Their manes are lit with red fire or green/blue hellfire depending on the breeders. Many Nightmares can be seen running around the fields of Sularia wild and free but most are found in the crimson sands just before the oasis. These horses are often depicted as demonic or hellish but the Rosenites value them as their way of life needs the reliability of the Nightmare.

Arriese Hydra - Unlike regular hydras, these hydras live in the tropical landscapes surrounding Arri's capital. They are large and often violent creatures who's heads are surrounded with giant rose petals. Their legs are like the roots of a flower and overall the creature looks odd. If tamed properly they are a long-lived and loyal companion.