The Rosenite culture is divided up into five common courts and one special court

Rose Courts

Picture depicts the five common Rose Courts

Common Courts

The Red Court - Passion: Those with a great passion for or about anything.

The White Court - Purity or Wild Fire: Those who are pure or have an unbridled wildness which cannot be tamed.

The Purple Court - Self Sacrifice: Those destined to make a great sacrifice of themselves.

The Yellow Court - Holy and Relationships: Those who are always candid or take great care of their relationships with others. They also are gifted in holy magicks.

The Black Court - Misfortune: Those born into it or those who cause it.

The Special Court

Oracles - Reserved for infants who died and will be resurrected when an oracle comes. They have the ability to read fate strings and see visions of the past and future. However, they are restricted from seeing their own future or the future of those who they have relations with. They have the unique ability to speak with the spirits of the three realms: past, present, and future.

Current Court Leaders

Lucian Rose - Red Court

Lily Rose - Yellow Court

Cathrine Rose - Purple Court

Kirika Rose - Black Court

Toya Rose - White Court

The Order - Oracles

It should be noted they are queens by the word of the Empress of Arri Willow. It is far easier to control groups of similar minded Rosenites than trying to control them as a whole.