Levels of addictiveness 1-5 (1 being the lowest, 5 the highest)

Pixie Dust

A strange concoction of herbs, Pixie Dust is typically found during lavish parties. Its users huff it through hookahs and blow out smoke in an array of colors. Side effects include a false sense of euphoria and hazy minds

Addictiveness: 4 Lethality: None

Sailor’s Chew

A favorite among seafarers, its creation was made to help those with seasickness but has the side effect of added caffeine, which helps sailors remain vigilant during watch duties late at night. It is advised not to take too much of it, otherwise, its user can go days without sleep.

Addictiveness: 4 Lethality: Low


A drug that is smoked through a pipe, but the essence of the smoke surrounds the occupied area, making it difficult to see through. In recent times, assassins have learned to make good usage of it to cover their tracks or lie in wait for their quarry. This particular drug, when taken over a lengthy course of time can eventually cause a disease known as “Black Heart”, which is lethal.

Addictiveness: 2 Lethality: Medium


Originated from Ataiyo, this colorless, flavorless substance is usually found in a powder form. It is highly illegal throughout the realm for one excellent reason, consumption in high amounts will cause death. Those of power from barons to kings are often made targets as the substance will be secreted into their food or drink in lethal doses. The drawback is that Dyno has a distinctive scent akin to roses, and those familiar with the drug may avoid it or have it tested by someone else.

Addictiveness: 1 Lethality: High

Devil’s Tongue

Forked shaped leaves found from uncommon trees in the Jasumin Lake; they are ground up and put into beverages to sweeten their flavor. An unfortunate side effect is that the user will be lead into a psychedelic trip for minutes or perhaps hours, depending on how much was consumed.

Addictiveness: 1 Lethality: None


Often used for pranks, the white smooth stones are grounded up into a powder and are blown into the faces of the victims. Within moments, they will experience symptoms associated with being moon stuck, eventually believing themselves to becoming werewolves and often play the part until the effects wear off. Unfortunately, this drug is particularly loathed by farmers as they often find their livestock being prey for this “wolves” and much often it is done by their own hands under the effects.

Addictiveness: 1 Lethality: Low (High for livestock)


Rumored to be have been created by the troublesome fey, this drug resembles a purplish orange that when eaten, the user becomes addicted to its juices and will seek out more. It is often found in the black markets as attempts by the sellers to acquire great wealth. Worse cases have seen users travel to its natural roots in the Faerie Forest and become permanent residents.

Addictiveness: 5 Lethality: Low


A prankster’s gift, this drug is smoked and causes the user to randomly change colors. It is advised to immediately cease smoking it for the effects can be permanent with prolonged usage.

Addictiveness: 2 Lethality: None

The Queen of Hearts

A thick, crimson substance that when digested, the user becomes increasingly paranoid, believing that everyone’s out to get them and is overcome with blinding fury. Many accounts of brutal murders have taken place due to this drug with one being that of a wife beheading her husband with an ax.

Addictiveness: 1 Lethality: High to nonusers

The Third Eye

Burning coal that are brought from the depths of the demonic realms, it allows the user to smoke it through hookahs and seeing glimpses of their future. There is a catch, however, in that there are many outcomes to particular situations they will see and ultimately their fate will be doomed.

Addictiveness: 2 Lethality: Low


Derived from the heavy sap found in the Sarut de Noapte flowers. When ingested in small doses after careful preparation, causes a high sense of euphoria and intense visual highs. The senses of touch and taste are heightened.

Addictiveness: 2 Lethality: High to those cultivating the sap; medium to users (mostly due to overdose)