In the beginning, Khoisan had been a part of Onnen. The city thrived, its citizens enjoying advances that the rest of Revaliir could only dream of, unfortunately, these modern advances had made the people of Khoisan arrogant – looking down their nose at their neighboring cities, sniffing at those who came to live and work within their walls… until those who had joined their city reached the limit of their patience. Those born in Khoisan had heard the whispers of dissent, had been paranoid enough about their achievements to prepare, to a point at least. In secret, unbeknownst to the world around them, the Khoisans dug deep beneath their city and constructed a great airship. When the riots began, they were ready, the airship lifted into the sky, the traitors were pushed from the edges of the city, though they had done their damage, burning parts of the city and killing hundreds of the Khoisan born citizens. Khoisan vanished into the clouds, lost to Onnen and to history as their continent was.

High above the rest of the world, Khoisan continued to advance itself. Unique vessels were created, powered not by an individual power source, but by the airship city itself, while practical within the city walls it does limit them to function only in Khoisan itself, with other variants able to fly only short ranges from the city proper. The only ships able to fly farther from the city are built for defense and are therefore equipped with individual power sources to keep them functioning. Since the rebellion the Khoisans have become all the more paranoid, a seemingly impossible task, however, it has resulted in their citizens finding ways to keep themselves safe lest Revaliir come to their borders. The city is protected by a large shield that forms from the spire in the center of the city, when needed it drains all non-essential power to enforce the shield, drawing on the magics in their city to utilize the elements.

Now that Revaliir has rediscovered the city they have begun to allow outsiders back into their walls, albeit under their ever-watchful eye. To obtain full citizenship is rare and typically not allowed; most outsiders cannot own property, pilot the small crafts in the city and are not allowed any say in the regional politics or governance of the city itself. Those rare few that have ever been allowed this honor have to prove their dedication to Khoisan and its betterment, through the defense of the city and its people or the invention of further advancements, however, an honorary citizenship is at the discretion of the council.