The Casimir is our death sentence. It was found the very day Willow stepped into the desert all those centuries ago. It is an unexplained place of torture and terror. Where the spirits are restless and active. These are said to be all who died when the god cursed these lands. Blood thirsty and hungry, though not all are bad.

The gentle spirits who live in the Casimir are said to be the ones the oracles deter to. The ones who give oracles visions of the future. Sadly they are in the minority. Oracles are the only people who can actively enter this sand pit without the spirits assaulting them.

The Casimir gained its name for the first man executed in it. Casimir Lebora was a man who charged into the safe haven of Sularia before Rosenites were fighters. He planned to rape and kill as many of the women who sought refuge. Willow caught him like a cat and asked the elves if there was a proper place to dispose of a man like that. The elves pointed to a place they said was taboo, the spirit pit. Willow named it Casimir to remind the people that they would only use it as a weapon when they needed to.

Rapists, soldiers who attacked us, and anyone else who dared destroy the peace that we worked so hard on… They have all met their end in that place. Their souls added to the many who eat flesh and bone. I would never wish the Casimir on my worst enemy but we do what we must to survive, and to survive we must be merciless with those who wish to destroy us.

Only the queens can demand death by Casimir. Law officials who want people tried for the Casimir must present their case to all six queens. It must pass with a majority vote, if it does not and death is still wished for then the gallows are where their victims go.

The Casimir keeps our streets peaceful except for the outsiders who dare think it is a rumor. We are sure to make them know it is very real.

Written by Osala, a member of the Red Rose Court.