When Celestial Beings Love a Mortal

The Stairway to the Skies was not really a stairway at all but really a long silk like cloth that flowed down from the skies. If one were to climb they would enter the city of Celestials. Despite the objections from their father the seven daughters of the Sun weaved a long starry cloth that went down between what is now called Canelux and Parvpora.

The Stairway to the Skies was what lead to the birth of the first World Tree. The seed that was planted within Parvpora, the second oldest sister, was from a young sailor who had happened to catch the attention of the winged woman. She was completely smitten since she had never met anyone who treated her the way he did. They were in love. Sadly time passes much slower for the Celestials then the rest of the world below. What felt like a year to them was a lifetime for him.

Within this lifetime the Stairway had brought happiness and sadness. Parvpora grief over losing him stretched past the birth of the first tree before she hung herself in the next sky which would be next to Canelux. Shortly after the Sun destroyed the Stairway to the Skies because of Canelux's wings being stolen. The two sisters together in their grief find solace in guiding sailors home to their wives.

Stairway to the Skies