The Sun has seven daughters that float in the sky around him. He was also married to the Celestial Reverie, who became the World Revaliir.

  1. Canelux- The larger moon in the sky. Created the Stairway to the Skies.

  2. Parvpora- The smaller moon in the sky. Mother of the First World Tree Onnen.

  3. Corrina- The Northern Star. She lights the way for travelers all over.

  4. Meira- A tiny fey like girl who roams the skies making sure the light of smaller stars reaches the world.

  5. Glissa- A protective wolf who forms a belt of around the world sometimes making meteors fall to the ground. Mother of the Horae, or seasons of Revaliir.

  6. Eytelia- She forms a constellation far away from her family but offers courage to those who find her.

  7. Karith - A proud dragon that rides the auroras in the skies.