Oracles are a weird thing here in Arri. They started off as one and over the years more popped up. I believe it is this place being so near the Spirit Hole known as the Casimir. It steals our children! It kills them as they are born or even before, a higher purpose for them supposedly.

It takes a few days but the children’s bodies are kept safe up in the castle. They are watched over like a hawk until their cries alert the other oracles. Most of the babies who become oracles never return to their family. Their deaths were hard enough but when an Arriese oracle gets close to someone they lose the ability to see their future.

This ability has saved Arri countless times. While it hurts the parents or parent, they know that they are doing their child justice. Bryony, the very first oracle, often raises the children in her spare time. Other times they are handed off to passing oracles. The children are raised in a community. They are made to know they are very wanted and the truth is never hidden from them.

The telltale signs that you are speaking to an Arriese oracle are their eyes. Blue as glacial water, but that is not what makes them amazing. Their eyes move like the tossing waves of high tide. This is remarkable since water is so sacred in Sularia. It is so sacred that anything related to fortune telling and water magic is left to the oracles.

The Rosenites who want to practice water magic are often shunned. This is possibly due to the thoughts about the Casimir and it’s role in creating oracles. Why the Casimir does not effect the elves who reside in Sularia is a mystery. Maybe it is the components that make up a Rosenite body that attracts the spirits. We may never know the truth and I’m not going to the Casimir to ask.

Written by Senior Knight Anemone Jastar of The White Court