Arri is a unique mix of people who work together to make the desert livable. There isn’t a single person who does not pull their own weight within the city walls of Sularia. When it comes to weight all people are seen as equal within their society. The nobles work just as hard as those in the lower classes. That’s because Sularia doesn’t truly have a class system. The Queens of Sularia are selected during trials that the elements host meaning that even a commoner could rise to become queen or king of a court.

However, what makes life so different in Arri is that from the time a child can begin to learn a skill or trade they sent to hone that desire. Children as young as five have been known to start training to become blacksmiths, couriers, healers, and other things. Should they want to pursue knighthood they begin to work the stables and take notes on the military while training alongside them where possible.

Everyone must pull their own weight. It is the law and the law is harsh. Those who will not are forced out of the Rosenite society since laziness could be the death of many. Most Rosenites understand this and it is very rare to have one ousted from the community. Those who are ill often still find ways to contribute to society and make themselves useful, though they are not judged as harshly.

This is also one of the reasons why the kingdom of Arri is split into courts the way it is. Each Queen manages the tasks within and helps the young who will grow to support Arri’s growing power. Should the Empress need to she can enforce the Queens to take on certain tasks but very rarely does Willow feel the need to do so.

Those who find themselves injected into the society later in life are helped along the way to find their purpose. Sularians tend to not be as harsh on those who were not born within the city walls. They understand their lifestyle is vastly different from the lifestyle of other places.

-Written by Kana of the Purple Court Scholars