Fused from sand when lightning strikes it, Fulgurite is a somewhat rare occurrence. It's fragile so when it is found great care must be taken to keep it intact, lest it crumble back into sand and be worthless. Fulgurite is glass, naturally occurring glass but glass, all the same, hence the fragility. Colouring varies depending on the nature of the sand the lightning strikes, and they can be anywhere from an inch to three inches in length, though rare specimens that are larger have been found in the past.

Many cultures have a use for Fulgurite, from shamanistic rituals, magical uses, and jewelry. There is a power to them, however, that I have found in my study of these fascinating objects. It's like some of the lightning's power is trapped within the Fulgurite, so to dismiss these objects as trinkets is a mistake. While none that I have found are powerful enough to transfer that power to another object, in the case of enchanting, it still remains that Fulgurite has it's uses it Alchemy and rituals.

Fulgurite can be expensive, due to its rarity and fragility making transport somewhat tedious. But, aside from the ritualistic and magical uses, the uses for Fulgurite in Alchemy are still being discovered to this day, progress is slow due to the above listed issues in obtaining it for experimentation. What we do know Fulgurite can used for in Alchemy is as followed;

Burr Berry http://www.revaliir.net/items/shops/purchase_item/burr-berry/

Glow Worm http://www.revaliir.net/items/shops/purchase_item/glow-worm/

Raiju Elixir http://www.revaliir.net/items/shops/purchase_item/raiju-elixir/

Compiled and written by Jandar Olanorin, Elf Researcher