A scientific investigation into the practical and economic value of the new substance:




Clearance Level: Queen’s Eyes Only; requested modification to General Knowledge after processing.


Research Lead: Sirrh Sirl’Vargst Adira, Quaterni



The crown has asked me to investigate this matter after an envoy sent on our diplomatic venture to the oppressed island of Itjivut brought back examples of a particularly interesting substance. In their language it is called Jikkjitivri’agnakitrvit, translating roughly to Eye of the Sea Goddess, as it is apparently found in great quantity there off the coast, and used extensively in jewelry.

However, upon further research into its mineral content, fossil-like shape, and magical conduction properties, I believe that it is imperative that the Adelunan economic engine focuses on monopolizing this resource as quickly as possible. It is not just a material of considerable beauty, but an important source of revenue with a low extraction cost and high profit margin.

Mineral Content

Education from some of the Itjivut natives and magical matter decomposition analysis has revealed that this novel mineral is composed mainly of polymorphic aragonite. Further assistance from the Adelunan Museum of Natural History has confirmed that said aragonite is often found in the shells of ancient, fossilized cephalopods, called ammonites, that were something akin to squids in shells many years prior to the rise of man. Thus, by using geological survey to determine likely resting places of these prehistoric aquatic fossils, we can determine precisely where to find this mineral.

Likely Locations of Ammolite Deposits

Expeditionary forces of the crown have discovered fossilized imprints of these ammonites in numerous other areas across the continents of Canelux and Parvpora. Though we do not possess any natural sources in Adeluna, there are many easily exploitable resources within reach. These include:

  • Itjivut (
  • Perditi Cemetary (
  • The Mo’mey Steppes (
  • The Harena Desert (
  • Horae Island (
  • Valley of Vada (formerly Sarchu;
  • Apoy Island (
  • City of Baltil (
  • Koschei Forest (
  • Jasumin Lake (
  • Kometeia (
  • The Haza Savanna (
  • Feeorin Forest* (
  • Kujishoku, the Spirit Realm* (

*Nothing but verbal hearsay for confirmation. I believe Ammolite’s finding in these places of mystique and spiritual connection is due to its ability to channel magical energy, explained below.

Egjoran scholars I have been consulting with have reminded me more than once that there was once a time when the entire world was covered with water, including most of the land. It is likely that ammonites once congregated around these areas due to some confluence of warm currents or nutrients capable of supporting life in those days when the Pangaeal Ocean dominated much of Revaliir’s continents. As these creatures died, their remains would concentrate in these areas, thus causing their ammolite fossils to be found in places farther inland than expected.

Magical Value

Magically, ammolite seems to function as a useful channeler of energies, especially those associated with light and healing. It is theorized that the fossilization of the ammonite’s shell matrix provides some form of feedback loop for positive magic before it is released by a caster’s intent.

Yet, it seems that ammolite can be repurposed to other forms of magical energy as well, directed into more focused enchantments and charms and the like. It is likely possible to replicate numerous magical artifacts and alchemical ingredients with the assistance of ammolite, including but not limited to:

Alchemical Ingredients
  • Benitoite; 2 relative alchemical units, or RAU (
  • Crystallized Hellfire; 2 RAU (
  • Seraphim Feather; 2 RAU (
  • Sylph Wings; 2 RAU

    Synthesized Artifact Replicas

  • Aboiye’s Golden Cloak; 3 RAU (

  • Angela’s Divine Rod; 6 RAU (

  • Canelux’s Winged Armor; 5 RAU (

  • Corrina’s Sash; 3 RAU (

  • Crystal Shield; 4 RAU (

  • Gavriil’s Ring; 5 RAU (

  • Maurelle’s Sphere; 2 RAU (

  • Reyansh’s Endless Bag; 3 RAU (

  • Siren’s Bell; 2 RAU (

  • Tsukiko’s Obi; 5 RAU (

  • Verya’s Twig; 3 RAU (

Currently, this is all the alchemists under my direction have been able to synthesize. However, there’s no telling what we might manage with ammolite in the future.

Decorative Purposes

Opal jewelry is in incredibly high demand, and ammolite makes a fine substitute. It possesses a fiery iridescence similar to the former, and could likely be passed off as opal to consumers after sufficient processing, or sold as its own product. One of the envoys who came back with this information concerning ammolite has claimed to have seen a sheet of it auctioned off on Itjivut for over ten thousand Egjoran marks; though this is debatable, the highest quality opal can go for a similar price. Given its magical value in comparison to opal, it’s likely our initial prices can be raised even higher.


My suggestion to the crown would be to develop a trade in Ammolite, to the jewelry and alchemy markets, as soon as possible. We may yet gain the economic stability required for our Empire to regain its previous spheres of influence in a far more peaceful manner, following the Pax Caneluxi Directive in a way that will benefit both Adeluna and Revaliir at large.

Egjora may already be attempting to do the same; for the sake of our economy, I suggest we act quickly.

Sri Nurae Kreth di Quen // Long Live the Queen

Sirrh Sirl’Vargst Adira, Quaterni

After this report was given to the crown, Sir Sirl’Vargst Adira the Fourth, one of Qendressa’s top advisors and the Minister of Magical Science, has since vanished from Adeluna entirely.