The oldest building in the city of Adeluna is The Crescent Palace. You’ll see it when you enter the city as it stands higher than any other building and for good reason. This was an original conclave for the deities around five thousand years ago but it somehow remains in peak condition. I suspect that the ancient building techniques are the reason why it is sturdy against the winds, the rains, and the ever-destructive element of time. Many jealous foreign nobles have tried to replicate the magnificent palace but none have succeeded. For even to Adelunians, the building methods have been lost in the ashes of history. However! Historians like myself will continue to research the structure until we unlock its secrets.

The reason it continues to puzzle the world is because of its complex materials. The floors are made of pure cyan-colored fluorite that never chips nor breaks under intense pressure. When visitors look into the floor, it almost seems like the colors of the sea are trapped within the crystal. The walls are equally exquisite and made up of blue goldstone. The core color of the goldstone is a dark blue but there are specs of white dotted across it like how the stars are dotted across the midnight sky. These walls have never fallen, even in Adeluna’s darkest of times.

This ancient castle has protected and housed royal families for generations. From the first king to our current glorious ruler Queen Qendresa I. It’s fascinating to think that all of Adeluna’s royalty grew up in the castle. Every bit of Adeluna’s history is tied deeply to the Crescent Palace. There are even some rumors that the kings and queens of the past continue to guide the rulers of today. That is, of course, just a little tale. Still, one might wonder if spirits of the past continue to linger in its halls. Currently, Queen Qendresa lives in the palace where she rules over the Adelunian Empire.

-Cecilia Marcellus, Royal Historian of Adeluna