Parvporan Void Storms -- A Study by Adraejen Porthyrius, the Keeper.

After the fall of the World Tree of Parvpora, a strange phenomena began that originally no one could explain. Originally called void storms because of their similar effects on magic to those experienced by travelers throughout the expanse known as The Void, these phenomena swept across the lands seemingly without any rhyme or reason, causing all sorts of mayhem in their wake. However, I have found that there is far more to these strange occurrences than meets the eye.

I have done some research detailing the side-effects of the loss of the Parvporan World Tree, and the results I have found fascinating. Initially, it was believed that the falling of the Tree and first void storm was complete coincidence, but I have found otherwise. The falling of the Tree was and is, in fact, the cause of these void storms; and, despite what was initially believed by their first discovers, the storms have no connection to The Void whatsoever.

When the Tree fell, it literally tore a hole in the pocket dimension that it resided in as it fell to the ground in what is now known as the Koschei swamps. This hole persists to this day. Without the Tree to stabilize and control the magic that is created in this pocket dimension, periodically this will cause a shudder, or a quake in the energies of the pocket realm. This causes relatively minor influxes of magical energy across the land’s natural ley lines. This is similar to the tremors or aftershocks one might feel in the wake of a natural earthquake.

Interesting, however, is what comes after these dimensional tremors. The affected area sees a reduction in the mana from the ley lines, sometimes to the point that the use of magic in the affected zone is impossible. Compare this to the tides being drastically pulled away from the shores shortly before a tsunami hits. The length of time that the ‘tide’ of energy is pulled away from the lines can indicate the severity of the oncoming void storm. This energy is literally sucked back into the pocket dimension of the fallen Tree, until that void is filled to capacity.

The massive outsurge of energy from this void left by the Tree travels back through the ley lines unchecked, and the resulting magical storm can cause extreme magical devastation. This is the giant crashing wave we know in the natural world as a tsunami. When a void storm hits, the natural mana saturation can be multiplied exponentially, to the point of extremely dangerous proportions. A simple lighting of a campfire through magical means in an affected area could result in an explosion big enough to levels several houses.

In the duration of my research on these void storms, it has come to my attention that there is a way to lessen the potential hazardous effects. If one were able to put back some energy into the areas affected by the void storm during its build up stage, the period of time that the storm uses to build up the energy can be shortened, and the intensity of the resulting tidal waves of energy back into the ley lines would be considerably smaller. It may require some testing, but I think if we applied the same theory of weather mages being able to put energy into the atmosphere to cause certain weather effects, we should be able to come up with devices that can do the same with raw mana and revitalize the ley lines. I must conduct some tests to see if this would be a possibility.