The seasons collectively are called The Horae. They are the daughters of the Celestial Glissa:

Spring is called Terra

Summer is called Ignius

Fall is called Venti

Winter is called Glaciem

Each season is a phase of Parvpora, the smaller of the two moons.

Parvpora is the moon that changes more slowly. It goes through all its waning and waxing phases over the path of a whole year. This means that each phase generally corresponds with a season. Parvpora is full for one-quarter of the year. Parvpora appears as a smooth pale white however there appear to be many lines that criss-cross on its surface upon crosser inspection. Astronomers theorize that the Parvporan moon is coated in ice but are unsure.

Canelux is the moon that governs the months within the calendar. Adeluna has a thirteen-month calendar for example. Canelux is the larger of the two sister moons. Canelux appears green and blue in color. It is pock-marked with craters on its surface. Astronomers theorize that the Canelux moon is a forest moon but are unsure.

Astronomers in both cases say that there needs to be more research before either is more defined past their colors and appearance.