When children are born in Arri we have a tradition we follow. Ever since the rose baths that the elves use to give to us we’ve noticed something. We sink petals that do not belong to us. For centuries and even now this is how we’ve determined what court a child is part of.

A court is not just decided with what you are born into but you can choose to leave that court once you are older for the court that your body and destiny has chosen for you.

The process is simple, in water from Kirika Lake, one will drop the petals of each of the five courts into the water. The child is placed into the water and the petals will gravitate towards them. The magical flow of the body will sink all those that are not in tune with it. The last petals standing are generally the one color that will become the child’s court. The child is permitted to stay in the court they were born into if they so choose.

This process was found purely on accident just by having a herbal bath. It was merely a theory at first until we repeated it several times only to realize just how the bath works.

The ceremony eventually became known as The Paradise Ceremony named after Bird of Paradise flowers that are found around Kirika Lake. The Bird of Paradise flowers represent Exciting and Wonderful Anticipation, everything the ceremony brings to Parents.

Written by Freesia Septum of the Yellow Court