One of Yovaesh's many wonders, the Floating Docks are a marvel of magic and engineering. Unlike most ports where the docks are anchored to the sea floor, Yovaesh's docks are designed to float on the water's surface like a series of wooden rafts. The reason behind this is a rather practical one: back when the orcs settled on the island, the first set of docks they built suffered severe damage and flooding when the whale Sihajja resides upon passed by. The whale's movements created massive waves that retained their momentum after going over the barrier reef. Historical records date back to that unfortunate Terra when it made its yearly migration into the Luna Sea to feast on the schools of giant krill that inhabit those waters. But the orcs were a hardy folk, recovering and rebuilding the docks with a revolutionary design that would prevent future damages.

The Floating Docks are constructed from enchanted teak wood harvested from the northern forested regions of the island. This valuable hardwood is a prized material used in making high quality furniture and seafaring vessels, and is Yovaesh's prime export. The value of teak wood is also attributed to its natural rarity, only found in a few select areas of the world like the Laeto Rainforest in Canelux and the Blessed Isle of Abed in Parvpora. The island of Yovaesh was fortunate enough to be situated within the same latitudes as the two areas mentioned above, adding to its abundant variety of natural resources. The founders of Yovaesh couldn't have picked a better place to start a new life, if you ask me.

-Ludo Aredelean, Head Historian of Architecture