The Broken Hearts and Minds of Sularia

Pronounced: E-Shar-E

Eshari is not suicide but it is regarded as such. Most of the women who undergo eshari never wake up. The ritual is done against the wishes of their families. It is the act of eternal sleep by a poison, it does not kill them only makes them sleep. The women who choose to commit eshari take days prepping the poison and a single vial of antidote. The antidote is either not entrusted to anyone and placed next to them in Sularia's vault or given to a person they trust.

Most of the time those who commit it over love are young and vulnerable. They are not fit for the solitary life of the Rosenite once they realize just how alone they are. They give the antidote to the person who broke them and the majority of them never wake up because of how the other feels. That is how cruel the hearts of man can be.

Beds are carved into the walls of stone where the vault is located. The vault is built under the castle in Sularia. It is the safest place guarded by all of the Rosenites. It is overseen by the oracle order. The walls are seven feet high in the vault and the beds are carved close enough to go six feet up allowing lots of room to lay the women to rest. The vault is dimly lit and the women are only placed there after they have fallen asleep from ingesting the poison. The vault is a maze to anyone but the Rosenites who manage it and the oracles are good at knowing where everyone is.

Because the bodies of Rosenites do not decay it is much like looking into the past. The women look like fine china dolls laid in their cramped beds waiting for what some say is a miracle.

-Documented by Cecilia, an oracle of Arri and one of the keepers of the crypt