Queen Qendresa Fiona Thema, the First of Adeluna

The current ruler of the Adeluna Empire, Queen Qendresa had a difficult road to the throne. The only child to King Vincent, she grew up in the Adeluna Court, and was groomed to become ruler after him. However, after her father's untimely death, his younger brother, William, took the throne, and Vincent's daughter found herself in limbo. Her uncle claimed to be holding the throne as Regent, but as time passed she could see that he was consolidating his hold on the throne. On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Qendresa was poised to take the throne. But a friend within the court brought her news that her uncle intended to kill her, just has he had killed her father.

Fleeing in the night for her maternal homeland of Mamlak and the home of her cousin King Mojaku, Qendresa vowed then and there that she would retake her rightful throne in Adeluna. That same friend kept her informed of what was occurring within the court, and that William was doing everything in his power to erase the people’s memory of Vincent’s daughter. Qendresa also was informed that her cousins were being groomed and played against each other in order to take the throne. So she began laying plans of her own.

Her cousin King Mojaku was eager to help, and sent for a number of suitors from Egjora that would befit one of his daughters. But it was a ploy to find someone suitable for Qendresa, and she chose Viggo, an Earl of Adeluna who was searching for a wife. They were married in Mamlak, and began to plan their coup. Everything changed when King William saw the great cities in Parvpora as a threat to his own throne, and went to extreme lengths to secure his rule like the last mad king. His plan was to rid the world of magic, a plan which ultimately failed like the last time, and for which he was executed by Qendresa herself.

This left a power vacuum in Adeluna as William's sons vied for the crown. And it provided Qendresa with the perfect opportunity. With her cousins fighting each other, her forces, an amalgamation of soldiers from Mamlak and Arri, were able to sweep in and deal with the usurpers. Though her husband was killed in the fighting, Qendresa was able to claim the throne upon a promise of stability for the Adelunan empire.