A hastily-written, yet legible observation journal entry covered in poorly drawn scribbles describes newly discovered fauna from Onnen in the Mage Academy's research department.

Hey, ever heard of a skyfish? It's not really a fish, it's more like a freshwater eel with fin-shaped wings that swims through the air instead of water! There's several pairs of wing-fins down it's body, and the tail's shaped more like an oar than a fish's split. Oh, and they're way cuter! I guess people sort of thought they were fish 'cause they have pretty shiny scales all over their body. They're really thin and glossy so you can string them into necklaces or sew them on your clothes. People like using their fins in hairpins and jewelry since they're like iridescent butterfly wings. They're not slippery at all!

What's really cool is that you can see them fly around in huge swarms in the sky up around Khoisan. Nobody knows much about them yet, but I heard every year they migrate up from the Fulani lakes region to find mates. The whole sky's full of them, and they're all dancing and flying around in loops and circles. I bet after they dance, they go back to the lakes to lay eggs. Then they come back, starting the cycle all over again. I wonder where they live after they get their wings? Maybe they live in holes in the floating islands, just like eels do. They probably have to lay a lot of eggs at once since they don't have any spines or teeth to defend themselves. Plus, their wings are way too dinky to actually lift them up, so they're likely moving themselves with psionic magic and levitation.

They're also super tasty with chili and garlic sauce! All their bones are connected to their spine so they're easy to de-bone and throw on the grill. And if you marinate them in soy sauce, their meat tastes and looks just like roast eel or a really skinny mackerel. I saw stalls selling grilled skyfish in the market and I bought three skewers of them! The lady told me the best way to catch skyfish is with big nets between two fishers on flying mounts. It's pretty tricky so only experienced flyers who can ride without using both hands can do it. There's another slower way called 'skyfishing'. Instead of bait and tackle, people use kites that look like predators or a skyfish and lure them into camouflaged woven baskets. It's a lot like catching prawns if you ask me.

-Professor Myouga Ryou, Tenured Senior Researcher of the Mage Academy