My family has lived in Egjora since its birth, probably even before it was known as Egjora. We know the waters and the lands so well it's bred into us since our time of conception. We have always been farmers on the city's outskirts and make our way into it for trade. We have a waterway that we use to feed our herd and water our crops, it flows from Nylea from one end, through the city itself, and out the other side towards the Eastern Harbour.

My great grandfather Gereon was the first one to utilize the waterway efficiently as a trade route. He would pull his boat alongside the stone-paved roads of the beautiful city and holler about his seasonal fruits and vegetables. During certain parts of the year, he would bring furs and salted cow and deer meat for the sailors passing through that were sick of fish.

Eventually, it caught on with the rest of the outsiders and soon many of the farmers joined him on the waterway. They named it after him, The Gereon Market. As the years went on, the boats got more beautiful and regulated like the rest of the city. Weapons, clothing, and other fine things began to be sold on the waterway. One of the more notable objects to make its way into the market is a flower-shrouded in longevity. Ferries became available for people to use to get to more secluded shops and some even take them out to the docks.

In my short life, I have felt joy in the path my grandfather has paved for the farmers of Egjora. We brought about a new and easier way for most folk to make a living. My heart can not feel greater pride for my family.

  • Jutte, Great Granddaughter of Gereon