Sularia is an interesting place for many who visit. It is different from the outside world. The women out number the men ten to one. Men have taken over duties that women on the outside world would and women dominate most of the politics and army. For those driven to knock women under, Sularia not the city for you. They will eat you alive and display you for the rest of the world to see.

Today, I saw a group of slavers be brought into town square. They had been caught with a group of women being sold to the sex trade. It wasn’t pretty as the queens handed down their judgment. Death by the Casimir. I’ve heard horror stories of this Casimir and I don’t think I want to investigate the rumors around it. I’ve heard it’s a spirit pit where they eat the flesh of the living. This is how Arri deals it’s justice.

The women were given a choice, return to the outside world or become part of the Rosenite culture. These women who were broken got strength today. I can see how the Rosenite culture, no matter how violent they can be, survive. They grow in number because mankind is cruel and Arri is a sanctuary for those who want to be strong.

Despite the beauty of this place… The darkness here is much more captivating. It’s no wonder the Grand Queen has so many in charge of this place. To keep a bunch of war torn women in line must be a terrifying job. The queens do it with grace but even they tend to lose themselves to war when they see their own suffering.

  • Galvin Torpesh, Sailor on the Night’s Wave