From the personal writings of Simone Wolff:

I came across something quite interesting in some old documents of my father's, and they certainly bear more research! I have been looking into the hofs of those deities that have joined the sky and earth, and what happened to their buildings in the Hofaesir. That area sits near the Glen of Eternal Blooms, and I found reference to something else of interest. My father mentioned an ancient rite carried out by a priest from each hof, and I found it quite curious. It seems that one a year, each hof sends a priest into the Glen, where they all scoop a cup of water into a special vial, blessed by their hands. Then they all go into a garden placed central to the hofaesir, and water all the plants there, but specifically the tree in the middle of the garden.

Now, here is the very interesting part. The tree in the center of the garden is said to be grown from a seed of the World Tree. Whether or not that is true… I have no idea. But I do know that no matter how many of the hofs remain at a time, they still carry our their ritual every summer solstice. Something else that the plants are all watered by, the blood of the sacrificed animals within the hofs. Once the gods have had their fill, the scraps of bone and meat are taken to the garden and used to feed the plants. Nothing wasted, and everything is disposed of in a neat and orderly manner. Just like the rest of Egjora.