Each village is ruled over by a council of four people, one from each bloodline. Each bloodline is also associated with an element, the Wolf with Water, the Bear with Earth, the Fox with Fire, and the Eagle-owl with air. While not every Hazan has the ability to shift, they all have an affinity for the animal of their bloodline.

The Wolf bloodline has the strongest hunters and fighters. Always working in a group, those of the Wolf bloodline range away from the village to hunt down threats and provide for the village.

The Bear bloodline has the earth-wardens and guardians of the villages. They serve as herb-witches, healers, and midwives, as well as a last line of defense for their people.

The Fox bloodline provides scouts and other who rely on quick wits. Most Hazan who can use magic from this bloodline, more often than not the Fire magic associated with their animal.

The Eagle-owl bloodline has the silent watchers and scholars. They record and recite the history of their people, as well as protecting them from the spirits of the vengeful dead.