Revaliir's Rules

The following rules apply to the whole of Revaliir, including the forum, Discord, and wiki. Where applicable, they also apply to official Revaliir-affiliated locations, such as our Facebook page.

Any rule infraction may result in a member receiving a warning, or one or more strikes. Members with four strikes may be banned, or subject to some other punitive measure, as determined by the administration.

Most warnings may be removed after three months, and most strikes may be removed after six months, at the discretion of the administration.

General Rules

No Harassment

We take harassment seriously. If you feel you are being harassed, please contact a trusted moderator or administrator, and we will investigate. For more information on harassment, please view our harassment policy.

No Spamming

Please do not spam. General nonsense, duplicate posts, and plagiarism all constitute spamming. Posts should be your own work, and posted once only. (Accidental double-posts should be reported so they can be deleted.) Posts that advertise other sites are restricted to the Advertising forum.

No Hotlinking

Hotlinking images is not allowed on the site. If you want to embed images into your posts and profile, use the appropriate BBCode tags for image files. Hotlinking is considered spam and a picture could hotlink to a site that could cause problems. If found, this will result in the issue of a strike.

Abuse of the Drop Rate System

Abuse of the silver system and synth drop rates is against the rules and if caught we will add a strike and remove the posts. Abuse of starter packs that come with new accounts also fall under this category. If you are found to be creating accounts for the sake of taking advantage of the starter packs and not for roleplay, you will receive a strike. This also includes if a friend makes accounts for you to empty into your own. Both you and the friend will be struck for such activities.


Signature images will automatically resize to best fit your browser. Nudity is prohibited and any text on images must not include cursing. You may use an animated gif for your avatar, and you may post animated images on the forum, but please do not have an animated signature image. Images in signatures do not go over 500 in width, they auto-resize themselves due to pictures taking up too much room on many of the staff's computers.

Respect Administration

If an administrator tells you "no" to an idea or proposal related to Revaliir, you are to listen to them and stop trying to debate no matter what medium you are conversing in or if previous/future rulings have been/will be different. Their rulings are final, and you disrespect all of staff by disrespecting them.

Roleplaying and In Character Rules

Roleplay Within the Setting

Revaliir is a high-fantasy roleplaying site loosely based on the medieval era. All roleplay posts must fit within this setting. As a general rule, technology that existed in the medieval era is permitted, with some exceptions. (For example, you may not use firearms or gunpowder.)If you have questions on whether or not something can be within the time period contact staff.

As an additional note, even if your character is aware of future technologies/anachronisms from the future, they can't mention or use them in a post unless they are part of Revaliir's canon lore. As an example, violins are present in the shop, even if they weren't invented in the medieval era.

No God-Moding or Power-Playing

Members may not control another person's character without permission (god-mode), nor can members be all-powerful. More information about god-moding and power-playing can be found here. Always make sure to keep record of those who give you permission as you will be warned/struck for such an offense.

No Exceeding the Character Size Limits

The size of your character is limited to a maximum of 50ft in height and 190ft in length(the longest ever recorded for any animal on Earth). Exceeding these will be considered a form of powerplaying.


Please do not roleplay with an item unless you have purchased it from the shops. If you wish to use an item not in the shops, purchase one that is close and substitute; if you're unsure what item to substitute with, feel free to ask.

Pay attention to item keywords on pets as they will let you know how that animal may be used. In the case of needed to substitute for the closest thing get written permission from an administrator/moderator and put it in your profile that the creature's keywords have been modified for your use.

Even if your character has racial features make sure you have the spells to back up those features. If we allowed everyone and anyone to use racial features freely it would become an unfair mess. So please do your part! For elemental resistances check the guide.

Item Description Abuse

Just because an item description sounds powerful doesn't mean a member can abuse potential "loopholes" about it. For example, say you are using an item that can increase the height of your character, but that item doesn't specify a size limit. You then proceed to use it to grow to the size of a city, because the item doesn't tell you that you can't. That is abuse of a description and the administration reserves the right to punish you for it.

If you ever have any doubts about an item and what is within fair use, contact staff.

One Character Per Username

Members are limited to one character per username/account, though there is no limit on the number of accounts you may have. Signing up on Revaliir does not require you to use multiple email addresses. You can sign up several different accounts with one email address.

Note: If you purchase an NPC from the shops this rule changes slightly as those characters are able to have more information, personality, and background. This does make it seem like they are a second character which bypasses this rule. Also if you have multiple accounts you may control all of your characters in a single post within reason. If we suspect you are doing so to abuse the silver system we will issue a warning or depending on the severity of it, a strike.

Role-playing with Yourself

You cannot RP with yourself on the same account in the same thread, unless there is another account between your posts or the thread is within your character's journal.

Topic flags

Members may use one of the following topic flags to mark their posts, and these flags must be respected:

  • [P] or [Private]: This topic is private. To reply, please contact the person who started the topic for permission.
  • [R]: This topic contains adult language, sexual content, or excessive violence or gore, and is not appropriate for young audiences (17 or younger). R-rated topics are private unless otherwise indicated. X-rated content is not permitted, regardless of the tag. For extreme sexual content or extreme violence/gore, we ask that you use the password option for your thread (see more information regarding this below).
  • [L:#]: This topic is open to a limited number of people. The topic starter is included in the number. For example, a topic marked L:2 is open to one other person, L:3 is limited to two people plus the person who started the topic, and so on.
  • [W:#]: This topic is open, but anyone who replies must meet a minimum word requirement. For example, [W:100] means that people must post at least 100 words in that roleplay topic.
  • [GO]: This topic is exclusively open to the deity of the temple the forum thread is in. This tag is used to let the deity know someone wishes to post with them without contacting them ahead of time.
  • Posts without a flag, or that are marked [O] or [Open] are open. Anyone may reply, without restriction.

Out-Of-Character Discussion

In roleplay posts, out-of-character (OOC) discussion should be kept to a minimum. Please use [square brackets] around OOC content. Do not post just an OOC post in the roleplay section of the site. This is an abuse of the silver system. Do not under any circumstances post only OOC messages on the in-character(IC) boards. You will receive a verbal warning from staff as this is an abuse of the silver/synth system. The only exception to this rule is in the deity temple forums, where deities may post rules/descriptions of their realms, along with other information that may be useful for those choosing to write there.

Posting in Inactive Threads

If you want to post in a thread that has not been replied to for at least three months, you will need to contact all users who participated in the thread and obtain their approval before continuing. Otherwise the thread is considered finished.

Gods and Goddesses

Unless you are one of Revaliir's official deities, you may not claim to be a god, goddess, or similar divine title (including demi-god and fallen god unless your character actually is a fallen god, having been a deity on this site). Revaliir's deities are permitted some god-moding and power-playing privileges, and they are the only ones who are considered immortal. Rules regarding deities are outlined here.

Rulers and Official NPCs

Members may not create characters who are rulers of any of the established role-play areas. Members also may not create characters who are the close relatives (by blood or marriage) of rulers or official NPCs, unless they have permission from the administration. (This permission is only granted for site-wide plot purposes.)

Password Protected Threads

Members who wish to use this feature may, but only if the situation calls for it. Those who spam it will be talked to and possibly warned as this feature is only meant for adult threads over the rating "R". Remember that the administration can see every thread, regardless of whether or not it has a password..

Appealing a Strike or Warning

Members who feel they have been unjustly given a warning or strike may appeal it by contacting an administrator.

The ruling of the administration is final.