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7/29/16 Addendum: When a user of Revaliir becomes a member of site staff (including but not limited to Administrator, Triune, Moderator, Deity, Wiki Staff, and Item Committee), any work that said user creates for and/or on behalf of Revaliir (including but not limited to: wiki articles, area names & descriptions, item descriptions, item icons, artwork) become property of Revaliir. In the event that a user of Revaliir is no longer a member of staff (whether by resignation or demotion) or a member of the site (whether by choice or as the result of a ban), the property said user has created for and/or on behalf of Revaliir will remain property of Revaliir. Personal posts will still remain the private intellectual property of the user.

3/3/2017 Addendum: When a user of Revaliir signs up they are required to use a username that is not offensive nor crude. If a user signs up with a username that meets our standards of what offensive or crude is we will change it. We will email said user his/her new username. If the user wishes to pick something else after the initial change they may contact site administration.

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