We the staff are working hard to make Revaliir better for our members. As part of our commitment to making this site great, we have decided to introduce a formal process for members to use if they have comments, concerns, or criticisms, regarding Revaliir. This might include concerns about events, a critique of the board layout and organization, and more.

To ensure that your concerns are heard, please contact one of the people listed here, and only these people. Your identity will be kept confidential.

Comments, concerns, and criticisms should be sent via a private message to one of our complaint committee members: Angela Rose, Jollygrn04, Kiba, Nemesis, Porthyrius, Serafina, or Shiloh Kyrie.

Concerns regarding a staff member should be sent to Angela Rose, Nemesis, Serafina, or Shiloh Kyrie.

Any issues with a member of the Administration should be sent to Darros.

Please note that concerns sent to other members, including other staff members, may not be addressed. We also encourage that you avoid messaging staff members in Discord about problems and PM them on the site. If it is something that requires absolute immediate attention, then a DM on Discord is acceptable. To ensure your voice is heard, please make use of this process. Thank you!