We hope to address some of the most frequently asked questions about Revaliir, as well as some of the more common issues new members sometimes run into.

One character per username/account.

As outlined in our rules, members can only have one character per username. As a result, members typically pick a username that matches their character name, rather than using an out-of-character (OOC) name. If you want to make another character, just register a new account! There is no limit on how many accounts (or characters) members can have.

How do I apply?

We’re a pretty free-form site, and we don’t have applications. Information about your character can go in your profile, and you can put as much or as little there as you like.

Can I play any kind of character I want?

For the most part, yes! Any fantasy-appropriate race is welcome, excluding gods, fallen gods (unless your character was previously a deity), and demigods. We do have player-character deities, but they must apply for that position and are expected to meet certain criteria. We also don’t allow members to create characters who are rulers of any of our established role-play areas, or the close relatives of rulers or official NPCs. You can still play high-born, noble characters, but you can’t create a character who is King or Queen of Adeluna.

Are there age restrictions?

You cannot have a character who is immortal, unless your character is a current PC deity. You may have a numeric age, or just say how old your character looks.

What about face claims?

Revaliir doesn’t use a face-claim system.

Are there activity checks?

Staff are required to be active to keep their staff positions, either in-character or out-of-character, depending on their role. Members don’t need to worry about activity checks. Your account will never become inactive, and you can return and resume roleplaying at any time.

What is the word minimum on Revaliir?

That’s between you and your RP partner(s)! We don’t enforce any sort of word minimum, in order to keep Revaliir welcoming to roleplayers of all skill levels.

The item I want isn’t in the shops, what do I do?

If you want to use an item that we don't currently have in the shops, use a substitute item. If you want a chariot, then you can use a cart from the transportation shop. If you want a hook for a hand, grab a dagger or katar! If you aren't sure, then don't hesitate to ask on the help boards or in the help channel on Discord, and we will get your idea sorted out.

Where do I start?

Your journal is a great place to begin your adventure and flesh out your character. The journal is written in your character’s perspective.

The Wishing Well is a lottery that people sign up for once a week. The dice is rolled on Saturday, whenever the leader of the Wishing Well is free to do so. You can wish for an item or silver amount up to 500. It is highly recommended you participate each week whether you are a veteran or newcomer.

The Greenhorns’ Guild is a place for veterans of the site to help new players get started on Revaliir by roleplaying with them. The veterans will mentor and even give their first five posts' silver to their padawan.

I’m not sure what information to include in my profile!

Here’s a template to help you get started. Remove any fields you don’t need.

[b]Character Name:[/b]

[b]Nicknames & Alias:[/b]

[b]Name meaning (if any):[/b]










[b]Appearance in Age:[/b] [Some characters appear older or younger than they actually are]

[b]Weapons of Choice:[/b]

[b]Armour of choice:[/b]

[b]Magical Abilities:[/b] [What magic do they hold, if at all?]

[b]Special Techniques:[/b]



Where can I find more information about Revaliir?

There’s lots of information on our wiki. Here are some places to start:

  1. Roleplaying 101

  2. God-Moding and Powerplaying Guide

  3. World Overview and Lore Index