The story of the Rosenite race started not to long ago in some long-lived race's minds. It started at first by a whisper in the wind. Some witches in the Laeto Rainforest were holding a gathering over the body of a fallen member. She was beloved by all and thought to be Mother Gaia among them. Her hair had gone snow white from the illness that had wrecked her body. They were going to attempt an irregular resurrection. Vampires from a settlement not to far came once news had been spread. They were first met with hostility. 

However, the event was offered a gift. Never again would they lose what was most beloved. Vampire blood was offered up in exchange for a simple price. Destroy their enemy and for always would the girl live on. The witches were lead on to believe that immortality could be gained by anyone, but what fools they were.

Plant essence were combined with the blood. The majority of the resurrection components were plant life. The two clans waited as they spread the last ingredient, a beautiful rose's petals. The magic shot up into the sky and what seemed like a simple ritual made something go wrong. The witches could barely contain their poorly thought out spell. The vampires aided their essence to contain it. What came out of it would simply be something of a miracle.

The girl laid there with her body shivering. The plants had absorbed into her skin as part of the sacrifice. She was not the same person that they had said good bye to. She had no memories and constantly she was learning. As for the price she did as asked but something occurred. She found she was lonely and with the only knowledge she had did she create the first few of her race. The woman's name was Willow Rose. Matron of the Rose Clan and Rosenite race.

After tensions with not only the witch clan but the vampire race as well Willow ended both of them to protect her children. She took them deep into the Herana Desert away from the rest of civilization. What they found was a large oasis with a small elf clan. Willow was also pregnant with the first born Rosenites to the race. From there it spread like an infection wherever it could until finally, they decided to just stay put in the oasis.

A large empire came from nothing and eventually they would place themselves on the map. They forged alliances and were taught the meaning of trust. The original king of Adeluna had sent men in overnight. Raped and burned the Rosenites began to fight back. When the future Queen of Adeluna came to them for aid they answered. Never again would they be treated like tools or like they were disposable. 

It should be noted that for whatever reason only those that completely accept the essence of a Rosenite can be turned into one. It spread because their people wanted it to and isn't considered a disease like how some view vampires though there will always be people who argue.

Most who become Rosenites are those that are suffering. They are offered a new life and strength where before they had none.