Named in the native tongue of Arri the proper name for these flowers is Night’s Kiss. They are a group of nocturnal flowers that grow in the deep caverns under Sularia. These flowers grow on the cavern walls much like mushrooms. This is the only place they grow unless cared for consistently since they leech the magic that flows deep within Arri’s lands. They are five to eight inches long going from petal to petal across. There is no stem nor leaves but vines that seep deep into the rock walls of the underground caverns.

The petals are deep violet that fades into a light magenta at the end of the petals. The center of the flower or stamen/pistil is made of long glowing bluish colored strands. They move as if they have a mind of their own or if a breeze is gently rocking them.  The anther of this flower produces a heavy sap like substance that when farmed can create a dangerous fast acting poison. Though it should be noted that the entire flower is poisonous but the sap is the most dangerous part of this flower.

They call it Night’s Kiss because of how soft the petals are, much like a woman’s lips, and most of the time if encountered death occurs at night, suggesting that the power of the moons has something to do with the quickening of the poison it has.

Academic places have often cultivated them within rooms of sealed magic so they could be studied more efficiently and safely. The Academy of Sularia has one of the largest collections of this species due to how close they are to where they grow.

Recorded by: Basil Lafayette of the Auzial Academy for the Gifted, First Year Student