Many people have asked questions about how to fill the deity position. It’s not that hard! The first thing a player must understand is the site rules. The second thing they must understand is their community.

Becoming a deity is more than just a boost to yourself. You are a pillar of your community. You, even as a deity, hold sway over what could happen on the site. You are staff. You have multiple jobs that you must do.

  1. Be part of your community. - That means still answering help questions, posting in the general discussion boards, hanging out in the Discord channel, and communicating with people outside of your fellow staff.

  2. Entertainment - Our spots as deities are not just for our pleasure. We are a host of opportunities for others on the site.

  3. Activity - You have to remain active. We have a quota to meet, but what this really means is posting with your community. You won’t get any posts in your temple unless you communicate with others. You have to actively seek out people before they search for you.

Do not be a jerk. You are not so high ranking that you can’t be touched. Remember that being a deity is a privilege. You proved yourself good enough to get a spot, but can you keep it? It all comes down to your personality and communication.

The SPOT! This is why we’re all on this page: Do not under any circumstances let the spot become your character. The character is the spot. We can notice when you thread and gum things together on your application.

Do not be terrified to turn it in. We’ve watched many people we didn’t think would get it, actually get it. Be prepared for the unexpected. Sometimes what you think isn’t the best is actually what we need most on the site at the moment.

Try to be as original as possible when you role-play. Try not to be the typical god/dess.

What it all comes down to, once again, is community. If you are good to the community, the community will be good to you. Your success rides on their acceptance and their want to role-play with you.

Don't be afraid. Write on my friends.