So we have a variety of different spells and spell types on Revaliir but not a whole lot of rules that surround them. Here in this FAQ we will cover what you NEED to know when it comes to certain spell types.

Q: Certain spells don’t say you can use it on yourself… Can we?

A: Always assume you can. Obviously for flavor most spells are worded as if its not being used on yourself but you can target yourself.

Q: Can I target and hit someone with a spell?

A: That’s covered in the rules and is God Modding please make sure to at least state your intention as with User Lou’s Cause and Intention RP Style or ask your partner ahead of time. With Lou’s style she writes what she does and what COULD happen and you still can react and change the tune of events. This style allows for a more even flow to posts as long as both parties are aware of it. (She puts it in her signature so everyone is aware of her rp style. Which is a good idea.)

Q: Why are some spells more than others?

A: Think of the prices like how powerful a spell could be. The more pricey the spell the more powerful it is. Though you could buy multiples and work greater spells or you could create Spell Combos which we will cover in a later question.

Q: So… What is a Spell Combo?

A: A Spell Combo or a Spell Combination is when you take a group of spells and weave them together to make a new more unique but still fair spell for play. You cannot make them Epic level spells, Primal level spell, nor can you abuse them. We would prefer if you did not go over 1,000 silver for them. Epic level spells are also not allowed in the Spell Combo nor are Primal Spells. If you are unsure on whether or not your Spell Combo is legal for the rules check with your local Mod or Admin on the site or in Discord. Using them is more common sense and we won’t put guidelines on that. If you are unsure whether you are going to overdo it, check with an admin or mod! That’s what they are there for.

Q: What is an Epic level spell and the rules on them?:

A: Epic is one of the highest tiers of magic that Revaliir has. These are spells that could take decades to learn and even longer to perfect. Casting multiple epic level spells is against the rules unless you are a Deity or your Champion powers allow for it (even then there are limitations. It’s not fun when Gods godmod and powerplay all the time. I’m looking at you Gods. Try to play fair but have fun!)

Q: What is a Primal level spell and the rules on them?

A: The highest form of magic in Revaliir is a Primal spell. These are spells formed from pure mana. They require a master and can only be used once per in game day (One for the Primal Spells PERIOD). Obviously Deities can cast more than once but Champions are not allowed to do so as that is too much even for them.

Q: I want my character to learn a certain school of magic but the spell I want is a different school… What do I do?

A: Sub the spell into the school of magic and make sure to state it in your profile, google doc, or whatever is accessible. With Rev there is very little limitations. Obviously do this with common sense. Blood magic is still blood magic… but Druid spells and Elemental spells are interchangeable as an example. (As are Light and Holy spells or Necromancy and Darkness)

Q: So what is the true source of magic/mana on Revaliir?

A: That's up to you. Rosenites use something called Essence which is akin to their life energy but others use something called the Weave. Every culture is different so magic should be no different from that.