A Guild is a group of people all working as an organized whole with a common purpose, goal, or set of skills. Traditionally, Guilds were a means of pooling knowledge, skills, and resources in order to help the community of Guild members as a whole prosper. They also tended to wield considerable political power in their localities, as they were often pivotal to the success of the local economy.

That being the case, starting a guild is no small feat and should not be treated as such. It is a responsibility and, much like a modern business, a financial risk, both for the ones running the Guild and the region in which said Guild is housed. As such, there is a system in place in Revaliir to allow for the formation of Guilds in any area spanning the maps with a set of standardized rules, regulations, and fees.

To start with, registering a new guild will require that at least three (3) characters stand as founding members, with a Guild Leader declared at the time of formation, and a fee of 500 silver being paid as Registration Dues to the Guild Registrar.

After a guild has been formed, it will owe Monthly Dues, to the tune of 100 silver, to the Guild Registrar in order to keep the Guild marked as 'Active.' Any member of the Guild may pay these dues and each Guild may raise the funds for these dues in any way that does not break the spirit or letter of the existing Silver rules. After 3 months of missed Monthly Dues, the Guild will be marked as 'Inactive' and be locked down until such a time when all owed dues are paid in full to the Guild Registrar.

Additionally, any new members added to a Guild after its formation will incur a fee of 50 silver to the Guild being joined. However, anyone may pay this fee, regardless of whether they are a member of the Guild in question or not.

All fees, dues, and any potential future fines must be paid to the Guild Registrar account in a Trade. Please DM Jolly on the Revaliir Discord to let him know that a transaction has occurred and what the transaction is paying for so that proper records can be kept.

Once you join a Guild, you gain access to activities exclusively available to all members. There are two types of Guild-specific activities: Guild quests and Guild events.

The Guilds forum can be found here: https://www.revaliir.net/forum/guilds/

Guild Quests

Guild quests are jobs that are open only to Guild members. These can include Guild missions and plot hooks posted by the Guild Leader or another member of the Guild. Think of these as thread requests with a Guild-only restriction. Guild quests can build camaraderie between members by helping people get to know each other and provide more options for roleplay.

Guild Events

Guild events are planned activities prepared by Guild Leaders for the entire Guild. Typically they will be announced in advance with event details describing the objectives and how long the event will run.