This Wiki page will help new players understand what synth, crafting, and our events are in detail. The A: represents our answer. We've set up a table of contents so you can jump to where you need to be faster!

Let the Questions Begin!

What exactly are crafting, synth, and alchemy?

A: Crafting is another system of purchasing items, offering another tier of items above the ones bought with silver. As well as a marginal silver cost, they require a collection of synth ingredients that are listed in the item description.

How do I get ingredients?

A: Just like silver, you get them by posting! Each area has particular ingredients that you can get by posting in that area. A breakdown of where they are found is located here. It can be found on the spreadsheet linked there that will open up to Google Docs/Spreadsheets. On the bottom of the spreadsheet are tabs that separate regular synth, rare synth, and alchemy. It is easy to miss so make sure to look at the bottom before saying it is missing. Everything is color-coded for ease! Refer to the Alchemy/Synth Recommendations & Updates page linked above for more of a breakdown.

Where do I go to craft items?

A: Synth items can be found in Theodore Thuxra’s Forge here. The required synth ingredients are listed in their descriptions. Some items require regular items purchased in the other shops! Make sure to check the listed ingredients!

What is alchemy?

A: Alchemy is another synth system offering different items and enchantments. Alchemy ingredients are gotten the same way as synth ingredients, and the items can be bought at Karma’s Baubles here.

The Living World, what is it?

A: The Living World is a tool that Administrators use to hint at future events or just to create a life-like atmosphere for Revaliir. For the most part, it is only used to hint future events. You can respond to them in your journal or IC (in character) if you wish. The Living World is found here.

What are events?

A: Events are a type of limited-time, role-play prompts. There are two types of events: God events and Site Wide events. God events usually last 2 weeks unless approved for longer. Site Wide events last anywhere from 2 weeks to a month. Each event offers unique items or chances at silver which can only be earned during the event. Any special forums created for these events will close at the end of the event's time slot, thereby closing off any event threads still left unfinished. Make sure to pay attention to the Announcements to see if anything new has been posted up. Each sponsered event will also appear in a well on the side (if you are on Desktop) or in the list of forums (if you are on Mobile). The well will have a small description of the event either for information or flavor, a link to the announcement, and any other link you will need for the event. If for some reason these things don't work contact Administrator or Moderators.

How do I participate in events?

A: Each event will be preceded by an announcement. Create a thread in the area mentioned by the announcement and tag it [Event]. Then write a post reacting to the prompt. Alternately, you can get a partner first before creating an event thread. There are no other requirements unless they are asked for and that is designed by the person hosting the event. The host is generally the Administrator for World Events or the God the event pertains to. The announcement will always be posted by the lead Event Administrator.

How do I get event items?

A: Typically, each event will have 2-3 synth ingredients that will only be dropped where the event is taking place. You can collect these items and use them just like ordinary synth items. When a new event starts, however, the synth items from the previous event will be changed out for the newest one, so don’t delay in getting event items. Events have a 100% drop rate for synth ingredients and you can get up to 4 for every 200 characters. Event items will not cost silver to craft so it is fair to both new and veteran Revaliir users.

What should I do if I have other questions?

A: You can message one of the admins or start a thread in the Help forum to get other questions answered. We also have a help page on Discord.