Q: What is a Champion?

A: A Champion is like the selected hero of a god. Like Elspeth was to Helios in Magic the Gathering. They are given a title, a unique item only for them, and certain other perks. OOC They are a figurehead for the site and should act like it. They should be role models for the community.

Q: How does one become a Champion?

A: Check to see what Gods have a Champion and what Gods do not by accessing the temples forum page. You can actively see the username of the champion and which Gods do not yet have one. Different Gods will select their Champions in different methods. If you are interested in becoming the Champion of a God who does not already have one, your best bet is to message the user and start a discussion.

Q: Do Champions have a quota?

A: Yes, they are a figurehead of the site and are required to post 6 times a month which is much less than their deities.

Q: Do Champions have to be approved?

A: Absolutely. Most of the time Gods are left to pick and do what they choose but since Champions are figureheads for Rev we would like them to be a great pick and not a rule breaker. Therefore, Admins must approve of the Champion choice.

Q: Who picks their titles?

A: Their Gods do. It is normally picked before a Champion is even picked like Angela’s Divine Artificer.

Q: What about their custom items(God Relics)?

A: Champions only get to keep their custom until they lose their spot. The god relics will be returned to the deities until they get a new champion. Most of the time Gods work with their champions to make a relic that will favor the user but some Gods make a relic without asking. That is the God’s choice.

Q: What happens when a Champion breaks the rules and are they staff?

A: They aren’t staff but they are held to the same standard as staff. If Champions are breaking the rules or being jerks please tell your nearest/online Mod or Admin. Since they are figureheads for Rev they represent us and we would like them to be as professional as possible where need be.

Q: What about other perks from their Gods?

A: That’s up to the God whether they want to give their Champion more perks or not. However, Administration does limit how much they can give. For Example: when lending their power to their Champion the Gods only get to give them TWO powers and Champions have a set limit on how many times in an IN GAME DAY they can use them. Think of them like Epic Spells. Another example is that Angela's Champion can feel when Angela is in a high state of emotion and it can affect the Champion as much as it is her.

Q: Can Gods make Alts and become a Champion?

A: Absolutely not. It is fine for Admins and Mods to become Champions but they cannot hold a God slot. This is to keep it fair and promote going outside their boundaries to find someone else.

Q: Are there trials to become a Champion?

A: That really depends on your God and what they decide to do with you!