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Character Info
Name: Walter Bosch
Age: 54
Alignment: TG
Race: Lycanthorpe
Gender: Male
Class: Tracker
Silver: 0
"Attention all Antikythera staff and associates, everyone is to pay a visit to the Mother's Shrine in the valley of Vada and collect their vial from the fountain. This is not a request, this is an order. On behalf of the Goddess of Life and Love, I as a member of the Conclave demand it."

If she was finally using her authority as a deity, then the situation was definitely serious. The young woman he came to call Polecat had complained about the restraints of her position time and time again, telling of how she couldn't wait for the day when she was released from the responsibility. She knew she wasn't meant to have such power, no one was. The tracker had finally recovered from his close encounter with death when the moons turned violet and insects brought madness to the world. He had been forced to rest in safety when the World Eaters attacked, kept away from the fighting. But it wasn't in his nature to stay cooped up forever, the wolf still desired to roam free. And Walter wasn't someone who failed to repay kindness when it had been given to him. Shiloh worked so hard everyday, rain or shine. It was only fair that he pitch in with what little assistance he could provide. She was always restless, looking and listening for the slightest sign of danger. And despite how much she loathed being a deity, she wouldn't have went into a panic when disaster struck if she didn't truly love this world. Stepping onto the path created by Lady Angela to show the way to the shrine, he carefully picked up a bottle and filled it in the fountain. 

"Whatever is happening, I hope that it'll be alright in the end. If it's you and Lady Angela Rose, I'm sure anything's possible." He was talking to the air at this point, but Walter thought it was possible that Shiloh would be listening. Whenever any of her friends and family were in trouble, she would always come to take them home. Grasping at the steel pendant etched with Antikythera's mark hanging about his neck, he turned it over between his fingers. The portal leading back opened up and he left, leaving the shrine behind. 

“Those are the voices of my brothers, darling; I love the company of wolves.”

Character Info
Name: Cyril Kyrie
Age: Adolescent
Alignment: LN
Race: Half-Fey
Gender: Male
Class: Folklorist
Silver: 232
Something strange was happening, but he couldn't put his finger on it. It started when the Eternity Rose he had walked through the Harena for started to droop inside it's special container. Then he overheard from Belen that the fairy dragons back home weren't feeling well and weren't eating. It wasn't just the plants, the animals and even people started to have this tiredness that never seemed to go away. People stopped trying to do anything, they stopped trying to live. There was something…scary about it all. If it were people who were doing bad things then it wouldn't be so worrying, but it was far worse than giving up on being evil. Even vengeful spirits started to grow weak as their existence was fueled by their resentment and hatred. It was pitiful watching them waste away, fading physically into oblivion. This wasn't right. Although he couldn't agree with what they did and how they thought, seeing them like this was just too sad. If something didn't change, they would disappear without being able to peacefully pass on. He hadn't received any letters from his friends in Nisshoki lately, and it left him wondering if they had been affected as well.

When his mother asked everyone to retrieve their filled bottle from the Vada shrine, Cyril didn't question it. Along with his older twin, he went to take what Lady Angela said would help everyone for what was coming. He had so many questions, but felt that the answers would come on their own or be answered when his mother or Sapphire's announced what was happening. After reading the note, the silver-haired boy only took and filled one bottle–as per instructions. His brother did so too, probably because he didn't want to know what would happen if he didn't. "Let's go Bel, everyone's waiting." He and his twin weren't children anymore, but that didn't change the fact they were close. They were brothers, and aside from their hair and eyes–they were like two sides of a mirror. "Yeah…ok." The brunet boy sighed, looking at the valley around the shrine before opening a portal to take them back home. 

'The noblest art is that of making others happy.'

Character Info
Name: Belen Kyrie
Age: Adolescent
Alignment: CG
Race: Half-Fey
Gender: Male
Class: Magician
Silver: 0
Everything was going wrong. That was the best way to put it, and that was in very sugarcoated terms. The world was still in recovery from being hit hard by the Void invasion and before that there was the insects that caused people to lose their minds. They just couldn't catch a break. They had to do something. The rest of his friends were thinking the same thing, so they agreed to prepare for the fight of their lives. And this time, they had permission from their parents. Belen had learned his lesson back when he and his younger brother snuck off to Tyr in secret. If someone knew where they were headed, in the worst case scenario they could rest assured there would be help or reinforcements. One bottle per person, that was what he got after reading the sign. He thought about taking another for Tempest, but decided against it. Tempest would probably be helping out in her own way instead of doing something boring, like making weapons to give people an advantage once they knew what they were fighting against. The reports he overheard from his mom weren't looking good, and he was pretty sure fighting was going to be a given. "Let's hope this ends soon. Everyone's pretty tired of fighting for their lives every time we think it's over. How's Sapphire?" He asked his brother hesitantly.

 One look and he understood, even when Cyril didn't answer back. She probably cried, especially when the extremely rare rose of legend his twin had picked for her was starting to wilt. It was a big deal, and it never left the special case her mom had made just for it. "We'll fix whatever's happening, don't worry. If we could survive an invasion of monsters from the Void, we can beat this thing back into next week! Maybe the more damage it takes the more people will wake up. Then we'll have more people to help." Even when things looked bad, he tried his best to smile. If there was a will, there was a way. That was what his mom said, and that's what he believed. You didn't manage to weather through weeks of Tempest's experiments and come out in one piece without having some level of skill. Whether it was dodging punishment or dodging explosions, he'd gotten plenty of practice with both. Leaving together, the brothers rejoined their friends to draw up a game plan.

“Magic is the stunning art of surprising your audience, so that nothing else surprises them.”

Character Info
Name: Lysandre Albaret
Age: Adolescent
Alignment: LG
Race: Rosenite
Gender: Male
Class: Defender
Silver: 0
"Lys, are you sure you'll be alright? Do you want your father and I to come along with you?" His mother was worried, and it wasn't just because he was her son. Efrain was being held back against his will, because if left to his own devices–he would try to stab the source of the world's problems. "I'll be fine mother. Belen and Cyril will be coming, and Uncle Walter is going out too." The twins mentioned that they would try to see if they could get in touch with their friends in Nisshoki, so he wasn't sure if more would be joining their numbers. With a small smile, his mother cupped his face in her hands before patting his shoulders. "Make sure to give that thing a taste of Arriese justice. Us Rosenites and Lady Angela are not to be trifled with." They hugged, and when they both let go Lys asked, "What about Chrys? Is she going?" His sister often went out on her own, so it was important that they know where everyone was and what they were doing. His mother shook her head. "She's decided to stay with those joining the camp. If there are individuals coming in to help from Onnen she can act as a translator and ambassador since she's more familiar with the continent." That was expected. After all, it was too dangerous to use Pasqual and Strelitzia in this situation. Kepel, Mellie, and all of their family pets were being taken care of back in Arri. They couldn't risk having them fall victim to whatever was causing the malachite infestation. 

Hearing someone call his name, he turned to see his friends waving from afar. "Looks like they're here. Mother, let's go. Mrs. Kyrie is probably waiting to check us off on the roster." With a filled bottle in hand, he left the shrine behind and the enchanted fountain. It was time to go. Poppy's family was his family and vice versa–and he would do everything he could to protect it. All he could hope was that the world would manage to pull through once again. The thought that something…anything could affect a deity's power on this scale was frightening. Even the deities were not immune to possession, not even the late reaper of souls, Dalanesca. He and the others had been handed packets of an unknown substance, directed to only open them in case they were surrounded by malachite-infested or monsters. What exactly was in them, they didn't know. Shiloh only told them the basics of how to use them and what situations in which they were needed.


Character Info
Name: Aidoneus
Age: Timeless
Alignment: LG
Race: Eidolon
Gender: Male
Class: Summoner
Silver: 0
When the nature of the blight afflicting the world was revealed, Aidoneus felt that it was his responsibility to join their cause. Not only was this eldritch remnant threatening one of this world's deities, but it had placed the people under a cruel yoke of despondency. And though Antheia knew he and the eidolons were not the source of this parasite, perhaps he too possessed a sense of shame for being Void-born. He was an outsider, and the only difference between him and those eldritch beings was a simple matter of moral orientation. Aidoneus was inclined to give and accept, while they were inclined to twist and take. With the memories of Parnassia's fall still fresh in his mind, the eidolon king could not bear to see another beloved kingdom fall again. This world had been kind to him and his kin, and he grew to love and cherish it in turn. As the last representative of the Solar and Lunar Courts, he would act on behalf of all eidolons. Returning to the valley where the Void was closest, he approached the Shrine of the Mother to accept the gift granted to those who wished to protect Revaliir. "Gracious lady of life and mother of this earth, I humbly accept this blessing granted unto us. Your love will not be spent in vain, I swear it. All of Parnassia will support you, this I promise." 

His hand reached to the place on his torso which still bore the shrinking scar his dear brother had given him in his last moments. It wasn't until now that he had come to fully understand that there was love in that scar, and it was the testament of Colias' kindness. Although they were no longer together in spirit, as long as Colias' ichor flowed within him they would never be truly parted. The vial was filled with care and sealed, not a single drop spilled to the ground. It was now time to enter the lands north of Parnassia's remains and confront the last of the Void-born interlopers. With its final death, peace could finally return to this war-weary land and the people would live again. Those whose lifespans were but a mere flicker would experience respite from their constant struggle to survive against the unseen hand of fate.

I am fond of them, of the inferior beings of the abyss, of those who are full of longing…

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