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Guardian Beast (Cat)
Spirit Guardian
The real Kismet

All About Zaya

This is not the story of Naram, son of a nomadic hunter-herder tribe from the plains above the autumnal Jasumin Lake, brother of the shaman-priestess of their people. This is the story of a guardian beast whose power had degenerated after centuries, left alone in a shrine long-abandoned and forgotten by time. It found a young boy on the verge of death and bonded with him, becoming his spirit guardian. Having found a new purpose, it now travels with its chosen human wherever the paths of fate lead them. This is the story of Zolzaya the Shrine Guardian, or Zaya the cat.

About Zaya:

Zaya is a large female long-haired cat with a body length of two feet. She weighs eighteen pounds and has pale green eyes, with a blue mackerel tabby coat and pencil lines on her head. She has a white chest, full frontal ruff, legs, and underbelly. Her bushy tail is always fluffy due to Naram's daily brushing to clean out any knots. She is quiet and enjoys being with people, accepting offerings of food and affection. As a former shrine guardian, she possesses strong protective instincts when it comes to people and things she considers under her care.

Although her strength as a guardian spirit has waned with the years, she still holds great spiritual sensitivity and power. Zaya is capable of curing an individual of what ails them and can banish lesser spirits with ease. Locks do little to deter her and even things rendered invisible do not escape her gaze. She is also quite meticulous, always giving her human a 'purifying bath' every day to remove any possible ill effects from him. Unfortunately she has a tendency to do this on Naram's head and face, much to his chagrin.

About Naram:

Naram is young man in his early twenties, with a lightly tanned complexion, dark hair, and hazel-green eyes. He is five feet and seven inches in height with a lean, muscular build. His long hair is untied reaching past his shoulders and he has a neatly-groomed beard which he takes great pride in. A skilled hunter and horseback archer, he is capable of riding while shooting in almost any direction. His elder sister was the tribe's spiritual leader, possessing the bear as her totem. Naram's totem was the tiger, fitting with his bold and unbridled nature. Unfortunately his sister fell ill and passed away before he came of age, making him a logical choice as her successor due to being her only surviving relative. However he had little spiritual power, and his reluctance to accept the position led to the tribe electing another individual as the tribe's head shaman.

During his rite of passage he was attacked by a monster and barely escaped inside an copse of silver pines with braided ropes around them. Collapsing from exhaustion, he was found by the weakened guardian who brought him to a small run-down shed. Little did he know, the run-down 'shed' was the remains of a long-forgotten shrine ancient peoples once prayed to for luck, good health, and good harvests. Because of his affinity with the spirit of the tiger, the guardian beast chose to bond with him as his protector. As his spiritual powers were weak, it was only able to manifest itself as a diminutive form of a tiger–a gray house cat with long fur. The color of his eyes changed, reflecting the influence of his totem. No longer bound by his sister's role in the tribe, Naram set out to experience the world and learn what it had to offer, broadening his horizons and knowledge.

Tales of a Cat and Her Human:

A simple block of wood. Maybe it can be used for something?
Obsidian Shard
This black shard is actually volcanic glass. It can be used for various crafts.
Lump of Coal
A hard packed ball of coal that can be used for crafting. Can also be used to burn for a fire.
A piece of leather. Maybe it can be used for something?
Phoenix Feather
Rarely do phoenixes leave behind actual feathers, and even rarer do those feathers not burn up. This plume is, therefore, a fleeting beauty, preserved via alchemical means to stave off the flames that should have consumed it in the bird’s nest.
Quatl Feather
The tail feather from a rare feathered dragon found in the tropical regions of Revaliir.
Wyvern's Heart
A heart torn straight from a wyvern that has been kept beating from exposure to mana.
Angela's Golden Cornucopia
Golden fireflies float around this solid gold cornucopia at all times. These graceful little bugs keep the cornucopia floating whenever it is not in use so that it is not violated by any tainted surface it may be around. Flowing from it is a rush of green magic like a roaring waterfall. The magic falls and dissipates into nothingness. It is owned by the Mother and a very sacred object… Why she agreed to let you borrow it… Only she would know.

The Golden Cornucopia provides a healing aura to not only the holder but also the area surrounding it. It is capable of healing or providing food but not both at the same time. In the hands of a mortal it’s capabilities are small but helpful. Use it wisely for the affects only last a short time and it takes time to gather Angela’s vast magicks.

A Pre-Event Award for Angela Rose’s 2021 Valentine’s Day Event.
Phoenix Bow
Carved from ash and blessed by flame, the Phoenix-shaped bow frame is detailed in gold and ivory. As the user knocks an arrow, it transforms into a bolt of flame, loosed into the victim.
Rhylana’s 2015 Event Item, Everything Burns
Lantern of Dark Hearts
A lantern crafted from the darkest wood, almost black in color. When the holder lights the fire within the lantern, the flame will shine a light in the direction of what their heart desires most.
Rhea's 2016 Event: Stories of Love
Wyvernbone Ring
Carved from the bones of fallen wyvern, the Hiadref have enchanted these rings to aid outsiders in surviving the harsh cold of their home island.
Seeker's Map
This map is actually a thin sheet of metal with a map of the world inscribed on it. If the bearer has a hair from someone, they can weave that hair into the border of the map, and that person's location will be shown on the map.
Event Prize from the 2015 Admin Event: Timedeath.
Goddess Cube
A beautifully decorated stained glass puzzle box made in platinum, this acts as a portable storage device akin to Reynash’s Endless Bag. The sides of the box bear symbols and related imagery of the goddesses of Life and Luck.
This item is an event prize for Shiloh and Angela’s 2018 Deity Event: Lunacy of the Deep
Yoyuki's Quiver
A magical quiver enchanted to never run out of arrows, replenishing its stock once all have been used. The arrows produced inflict temporary paralysis on targets. This quiver has a max of 15 arrows you can use per thread.
This is an event prize for Naota and Shiloh's 2018 event Night of a Thousand Phantasms.
Lucina's Moonlight Lantern
This lantern was made by the fallen goddess Lucina. She was once considered a saint among the people of Parvpora before the Tree was tainted. She would light the way home for sailors using the moon. She created these lanterns to ward off the evil of her conclave siblings. When the tree became tainted these delicate stained glass lanterns were hidden so she could not destroy them.
Can see through darkness made by magic by ten feet.
Event Prize for The Abedian Festival of Color 2016.
Instant Hearth
A stone that has a tribal flame emblazoned on it, constantly holding heat. When placed on the ground, it replicates to form a circle of stones a magical fire starting in the center.
Rhylana’s 2015 Event Item, Everything Burns
Safe Passage
This spell relocates the caster or a target away to a random safe location nearby.
This spell allows the caster to instantly move to another location, so long as they can see their intended destination.
Mind Tower
This spell allows the caster to better resist and defend against mental attacks and intrusions, such as charm spells, telepathy, or similar psionic magicks.
Siren's Song
A powerful spell in which the user sings a beautiful melody that causes its victims to become hypnotised or even lured to sleep. In order for it to take full effect, the user must concentrate solely on the song or it will be ineffective.
Summon Companion
Summons an animal pet or npc companion to one’s side. The pet or npc must be in caster’s inventory. Alternatively, one with permission can summon a pc to their side.
Magic Unlock
This spell unlocks most locked doors or chests via magickal means.
This spell allows the user to see targets that are invisible
This spell gives the caster supernatural protection against magickal and physical attacks.
This spell allows the caster to seem more endearing to the target, and the target is more receptive to the caster's suggestions or ideas.
Aura Sight
This spell allows the caster to sense a magical aura around a person, or to sense another's presence even if the caster cannot see them. Also allows the caster to sense magical presence up to 40 yards away.
Lesser Banish
This spell is used to eliminate a single minor elemental or summoning from this realm. It cannot be used to remove a summoned demon or angel.
Greater Heal
An advanced healing spell capable of sealing all but the most grievous of wounds.
This spell negates the effect of a single spell or enchantment. It can be used to remove either positive or negative status ailments (i.e. blessings, curses, etc.), but it cannot banish a summoned creature.
Greater Agility
Not only heightens one’s speeds, but allows them great balance and the ability to land on one’s feet from high height. This spell also allows the ability to walk on walls and ceilings for the duration of ten minutes.
This spell removes all simple curses, diseases, and other temporary status inflictions.
Endapano Longbow
Made from the wood of a tree in the Kingdom of Endapano, this tall bow makes a formidable weapon with adequate training and practice.
Enchanted with a keen rune so it never rusts or dulls from age. Enchanted with a second rune to make heavier projectiles lighter and sends them further and faster than other bows.
Hazan Szabla
A saber-like curved blade favored by the mounted warriors of the Haza Savanna.
Enchanted with a keen rune so it never rusts or dulls from age. Enchanted with a second rune to capture moonlight to increase its sharpness. The sharpness is better depending on what cycles the sister moons are both in.
Leather Leggings
Leg armor made of leather, it offers protection without limiting mobility.
Dragonscale Chest
Crafted from dragon scales, this protects one's torso. The same piece will fit a man or woman.
Riding Equipment
Typically consists of a saddle and reins. Allows one to better ride a mountable companion.
Tailoring Kit
A small box with needles and spools of thread, used for sewing.
Houseware Tools
Includes the common items you would need for housework like pots, pans, brooms, mops, culinary, etc.
Grooming Kit
A small box full of everything a man or woman may need for their grooming needs: scissors, razor, creams, a brush, and so on.
A thick, woolen blanket, perfect for keeping a person warm.
A container typically used to hold drinking water.
Used to start a fire. A must have for every adventurer!
A basic shelter, consisting of a large sheet of fabric of animal skin, placed over a frame. A tent provides basic protection from the elements while away from home.
War Horse
A large mount, bred to carry a fully armored knight into battle and trained for war.
This horse comes fully equipped with armor.
The bard is a jack of all trades, a rogue with a glib tongue and a talent for music. They can fight, as well as cast minor magics.
Comes with Boots, Common Trousers, Common Tunic, Cap, Mask, Dagger, Drum, Flute, Horn, Lute, Tambourine, Backpack, Blank Scrolls, Fan, Map, Quill and Ink, Sheet Music, and Song Bird.
-can cast
Parvpora's Sight
This spell allows the caster the ability to see better in the dark.
Leather Vambraces
Reinforced leather armguards, they provide protection without sacrificing flexibility.
Hunting Bow
A simple crafted bow for hunting tonight's dinner. Not overly suitable for combat.
Hunter's Instinct
Creates heightened senses needed to be a hunter. I.e. Smell, sight, etc.
A short, bladed weapon with a sharp point. Can be used to slash or pierce an enemy.
Conjure Food
The caster creates a small amount of food, enough for a single meal.
Common Tunic
A simple garment which might resemble a long shirt that stops somewhere between the wearer's hips and ankles. The sleeves may be long or short, depending on the local climate.
Common Trousers
Sometimes called pants, this garment is worn on the lower body, and covers the legs. These trousers are long and extend down to the ankles.
This heavy, woolen cloak offers its wearer warmth and protection from the elements. It also has a hood, which can be drawn up to make the wearer seem more mysterious.
Simple, sturdy footwear, usually made of leather.

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