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Character Info
Name: Shuja Vasool
Age: 70
Alignment: LN
Race: Indlovu
Gender: Female
Class: Forge Cleric
Silver: 754
The dagger glowed brightly as she held it in front of her, the light reflecting off the the many faces of the crystal that crafted the cavern itself. In fact, it was not simply the dagger itself, but the flame that emerged from it, taking shape of a head and arm, looking around as an extra set of eyes to its carrier. Then again, with the carrier being an Indlovu, the matter of the flame would not be the first reaction to many. Still, the anthropomorphic elephant stepped through the cavern lightly, cloak covering her shoulders as well as acting as the grip for the massive weapon that rested upon her back.

"It is beautiful sight, no?" Shuja asked the daughter of Indovu. "Such magesty decorates the walls here and yet to the natives, it is but any other day." Then again, the natives were also apart of this world as well with their own crystal asking as bone and shell. Still, they knew well of these crystal's property and were willing to do business with outsiders… as long as they did not get greedy with their mining or considered their people just another vein. However, they too are not immortals, and when threats overtake their land, its always best to ask for outside help, those who know their way around a sword, to deal with the issue.

Still, even as heavy steps walked through the caverns, the floor was still able to hold steady, echoing every step she made… until one caused it to dampen. With Shuja and the elemental both looking down, a spread of web was starting to form and grew thick quickly. "We must be getting close," Shuja stated as her right hand took the handle of the abstract weapon that rested on her back: A strange contraption with an axe head near the handle and a sword edge flipped upside down resting on its back.

This was the point where they were stepping into enemy territory. Always best to be on guard.

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