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Author: Bianca Bathory, Posted: Sat Dec 14, 2019 6:42 AM, Post Subject: Fire Dance[P,R?]

At the wraith’s words Bianca narrowed her eyes a bit. ”Must you use such language? So uncivilized, you sound like an unintelligent caveman when you use such language.” They retorted. ”While the woman that was known as Bianca is no more, she’s still in a way part of me as well.” Bianca added at the end before Alexander started on an odd rant that made Bianca take a step back again, dragging her scythe blade with them. ”If that’s the term you want to use, then yes, I suppose gender fluid would be correct, though I myself am not actual fluid in anyway.” They explained.

As Alexander finished speaking Bianca eyed him carefully for a moment before speaking, wondering if perhaps destroying this being would in fact be a mercy. ”Alexander, are you sure your, uh, return to the land of living hasn’t left something of you behind?” She tapped the side of her head with a free hand. ”Not knowing how you were in life, I can’t be sure I’m correct, but I’m getting a sense that your mind hasn’t fully come with you back into this plane of existence.” They questioned carefully watching for any sudden movement that might indicate an attack.

Author: Alexander Krieger, Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2019 7:11 AM, Post Subject: Fire Dance[P,R?]

Alexander listened to Bianca intently when she begun speaking in more detail about her origins. As she finished her tale he looked to the ground for a brief momment and then returned his gaze back towards him/her.
- So that Bianca was an old psycho bitch cunt, alright. Thankfuly she doesn't seem to be there at the momment. If not, I bet she would have set this entire area on fire! - He said and becmae rather quiet for time, probably razlizing what he had just said - Well…..more on fire than it already is, which would probably as bad if not worse than just setting an entire area on fire. If an entire place is on fire and is set on fire again…..then I think it would probably kill the Tourism, which would in turn hurt local economy very badly…..myes - the wraith stammered through the sentence, and as he did so his entire form flickered in and out for a slight momment and eyes became dimmer, before returning to normal. Then Bianca changed her form a bit, to which undead mercenary reacted with……sliglthly widened eyes.
- Oh so this is why you looked bit liquid-like to me. You are kind….what was the term? Gender fluid? Body fluid? Something like that…….good thing to know, for the future refrence……also it's good to have something to reffer to you, except of course "You", Bianca. - He finished his rambly thought.

- Oh, my name? Alright, I am Alexander, Alexander Krieger. When I was alive, I was an mercenary travelling 'round the world for a job and food. Typical stuff. Also typical was the fact that I was poor as dirt…..but I think that could have been a given since I sme-……..oh right I do not smell anymore, I am dead…….and not realy a physical being anymore……Oh well…..where was I? - He asked as he looked intently at Bianca for a momment, flickering in and out, untill becoming more solid once again - Oh right! My name! Like I said I am Alexander Krieger, undead Mercenary Mage who died to a Slave Hunter is circus…..my corpse is probably a mix of molten metal and burned flesh fused together in a grotesque fashion. Funnnnnnn. - He said the last part with a noticable venom within his ghostly voice.

Author: Bianca Bathory, Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2019 6:18 AM, Post Subject: Fire Dance[P,R?]

”It’s the small details that make things complicated.” Bianca replied with a slight shrug asking him what he was in return. She listened to his answer intently, undead, interesting, Bianca knew of such beings. To be more precise one of the three minds that had been fused knew of such thing, which one that had been Bianca had no idea, and didn’t much care, but hearing him talk did dislodge those memories.

”Ah, I see. Well, if you’re talking details I can be a more specific myself. A human named Bianca Bathory was obsessed with fire and blood, she would fall asleep almost every night to the warm glow of a burning, alive, being in her room. She’d drink specially prepared blood for human consumption so she wouldn’t get sick from it but still have the taste.” Bianca explained. ”But she had no magical skills of her own. So she decided to try and fuse a blood elemental and fire elemental to herself to gain such power. The results, didn’t go exactly as she had planned, as we’re now fused into one being with one mind and one will in her body.” Bianca’s form very subtly shifted, the changes weren’t overly noticeable as they happened but the end result had them looking more masculine than they had before. ”I am now neither male or female, I just am.” She shrugged. ”I still go by Bianca for the sake of ease. Which, begs the question, do you have name of your own I can call you?”

Author: Alexander Krieger, Posted: Mon Dec 9, 2019 12:48 AM, Post Subject: Fire Dance[P,R?]

- Well, that seemed pretty staright forward answer to me and it would explain a few things - he said, as he he grasped his chin it thought - As to what am I, the answer depends on what you mean by that. Although I assume it is about my current state of being. - The wraith said, turning his gaze on the scythe in Bianca's hands.

- I am dead, or technically speaking undead. I am one of those creatures that refused to stay put after they had suffered an fatal injury. As to details, I am, or was, a wandering spirit damned to eternally walk the earth without the ability to influence the world around me. Notice I said "Was", since now I am more of a Wraith, though I aim to become an Revenant. 

Author: Bianca Bathory, Posted: Sun Dec 8, 2019 4:46 PM, Post Subject: Fire Dance[P,R?]

When the air around one of the corpses started to stir Bianca spin the scythe around and took a few steps away and slammed the blade into the ground standing sideways to the phenomenon. They only stared in curiosity at what happened as the corpse was dragged down into the earth some kind of maw that had erupted from the ground. A hand appeared and some… thing, lurched out of the muck and took a vaguely humanoid form.

Biance only watched and waited to see what would happen, scythe ready to attack just in case this being proved hostile. For each step it took towards Bianca they in turn took a step back, dragged the magma blade along the ground leaving a burned furrow as they did. Then the thing started to speak and Bianca’s eyes narrowed as they thought on how to answer what was asked of them. ”It’s more complicated than a straight forward answer. Suffice to say I am blood and fire elemental in a once human body.” Bianca didn’t really care to keep her origin a secret most times. What harm would do that? No one in these lands knew of the Bathory name, not after Bianca had wiped it from the lands at least. ”As for that one, they accosted me. But what of you, what, may I ask in return, are you?”

Author: Alexander Krieger, Posted: Sun Dec 8, 2019 1:40 PM, Post Subject: Fire Dance[P,R?]

As the being of blood and fire practiced with it's scythe, something was beginning to stir near the corpse of an tribesman that was nearby. The air begun to swirl over it, and a dark, damp spot of mud suddenly begun to form under him. Said spot then, suddenly and without much of a warning, transformed itself into a beast like maw that consumed the body and dragged it depths of the earth. In it's place it left a muddy puddle from which a shadowy hand emerged which seemed to be corporal and ethereal in a equal measure. Then the appendage grabed unto the edge of the puddle and begun dragging itself and the rest of the body, to which it was connected, out of the ground.

As it did so it reaveled an semi-transparent figure of an armored man, wearing blackened, charred, plate.
Soon thereafter it stood up on it's legs and looked around for a short momment before locking his  gaze firmly on Bianca. His eyes, as one could expect from an undead being, glowed with an baneful orange light, that seemed to flicker on the wind, like candle fire. It begun it's slow an catious approach to the being, untill he stopped at a distance he deemed to be safe. Then he spoke.

 - Well, that wasn't exactly what I expected - he started, his voice ringing out with a slight echo of an being that wasn't exactly speaking from this plane of existance - Can I be bold enough to ask you what are you? And what did that poor sod do to warrent being sliced open by you?

Author: Bianca Bathory, Posted: Tue Nov 26, 2019 8:13 AM, Post Subject: Fire Dance[P,R?]

They felt comfortable in these harsh conditions, the heat of the land itself soaking into their body just made their own fires burn hotter. The being stood about five feet and six inches tall with reddish dark skin and fire orange eyes with a slight glow to them even in this ashen land. They were beautiful indeed, with dark red hair, the right side being worn long and flowing while the left side was made into corn rows. However, was hard to tell if they were male or female, even up close, if someone looked at them one way, they could be more feminine, but the other way leant more masculine.

Fire flashed as they swung a scythe with a blade of concentrated magma, scorching the air as it spun around them. They were practicing some basic movements with the weapon, slowing going through motions that, in a true fight, would be performed much faster than they were now. Footsteps placed in the right location at the right time, maintaining balance, it was a artful display in a deadly dance done in slow motion.

Not too far away there was a charred corpse of a native pangolin Biafada tribesman, blood was spattered around the corpse as well. The scythe wielder had blood on their body as well, but it wasn’t drying for some reason, even in this heat, it was like it was being controlled. The fire flashed again as the scythe was spun around rapidly this time and the tip of the blade stabbed into the ashen earth.

A few breaths passed before the weapon was lifted again and they started their routine once more. The heat of the area didn’t seem to be affecting them as much as it should either, it was a strange but beautiful display.

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