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Character Info
Name: Lokir
Age: Mid 30s
Alignment: TG
Race: Werebear
Gender: Male
Class: Heavy Knight
Silver: 0
A true wasteland, Eritea is a harsh and unforgiving land and very few can live in these lands for very long, let alone survive long enough to make a community. Located in the South Eastern arm of Onnen Eritea is also known as Brimstone Incarnate by the Onnen people. Volcanoes dot the lands and are constantly spewing smoke and ash into the air, making breathing at times difficult, sometimes impossible, and coating the ground in layers of ash. Nothing stays clean for long out here. Rivers of lava dominate the wasteland, there is next to no water in these lands, and any water sources there are the few tribes that actually survive out here guard them zealously. Like a desert of sand, Eritea is sweltering during the day light hours and freezing at night away from natural sources of heat.

Wind storms frequent the area as well, blowing ash and dust in clouds think enough to block vision to only a few inches in front of one's face. Thunderstorms frequent the area because of the heavy ash in the air and these can be very extreme and dangerous for anyone caught in the open wastes during one. Shelter is almost none existent, caves are turned into ovens because of the heat in the ground turning the rain into steam. There are some rock out crops that can be used however, just watch out for local wildlife that want to use that shelter for themselves.

There are those that make this hostile place home. Most notably the dragonkin, and of them there are a large variety living in clusters in the wastes, usually around the rare water source. The giant pangolin Biafada people make this place their home as well, they tend to be a little more nomadic than the dragonkin, however. The Khantsi lizard people can be found in small families around the edge of the wastes, away from most of the danger, reaching out to the greener pastures away from the wastes for their food, getting their water from the ocean.

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