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Author: Ciara, Posted: Tue Aug 4, 2020 3:38 PM, Post Subject: Dance of The Night [P]

The moment Aileen clasped hands with her, a swirl of magic would run through the both of them, like a surge of energy. Ciara released her hand and walked over to her bag that she'd hidden in the bushes. She pulled out a piece of parchment and a quill then began writing a list of locations down for Aileen. They were each the location of a famous vampire that lived in Onnen or another important family who would know of the vampires. Handing the list over to Aileen, the fae woman began to explain herself.

"These are a list of vampires and friends of vampires in Onnen that I know of."
Ciara explained, "If you can't find the vampires you're looking for through them, then the vampires aren't in Onnen."

Then she pulled out an envelope from her bag and handed it to Aileen as well. There was an issue with going door to door and that issue was that arriving without an invitation would result in hostile people. Slaughtering through houses and houses of vampires didn't seem like the most effecient way to go through things. So Ciara was handing her another option.

"There's going to be a fae ball hosted by a family friend here in Onnen." She explained, "There will be elves, druids, lycans, humans, lingala, sidama, agaw, amhara, Lindani, Makone, twa, chokwe, and many creatures with different bloodlines. However the most important thing is that there will be important vampire families. If any vampires want to mingle and socialize for power in Onnen, they will want to be at one of these balls."

The letter Ciara handed to Aileen was elegant and clearly written by a noble. It was inviting Ciara and a plus one to the ball.

"If you can tolerate not killing vampires for a night then it would be the perfect place for finding information."
Ciara explained, "Or you could go through the list and check each one. Both will bring you results."

Author: Aileen, Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2020 11:35 AM, Post Subject: Dance of The Night [P]

"And I said near defenseless," she retorted back before Ciara explained her understanding of Aileen's position. Yet, instead of talking about another vampiric child, the woman spoke of human children being cruel to other creatures. She had known that a lot of children could be mean of any race, but she had failed to even consider that members of her own race could be cruel as well. It wasn't that she was blinding herself, but she was just so focused on her mission and hatred of the Hallowthornes for what they took from her. It also gave her an insight into the woman before her.

The fae woman expressed her disposition towards Aileen's kind and compromised with her. Aileen stared hard at the fae, weighing the options she had. She could accept the deal with the fae woman and spare a specific style of vampiric children, or she could decline the deal. But she would be no closer to her goal than she already was now. But, the clause was that the child must not bear the mark of the serpent, the loophole if any Hallowthorne child did not follow the ways of their parents.

Aileen reached out her hand to take the offered shake, hesitating at the last moment as she made sure that this was absolutely the only way to obtain the information she sought presently. "Children who don't kill and do not bear the mark of the serpent… I can spare those." Then she clasped hands with the fae woman, accepting the magical contract that would hold her to her word.

Author: Ciara, Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 2:10 PM, Post Subject: Dance of The Night [P]

"I said they have little defenses, not that they are defenseless." She said, "I do understand your position though. Children can cause damage. There was one human child who would catch fairies and fae in their small forms. The boy would rip off their wings and let them starve in little bottles. The fae eventually caught him and skinned him alive. I've met many human children who burn the forest, kill our fairies, and surround fae infants with pure iron to torment them. Its one of the reasons that many of the fae have a lingering hatred for humanity."

She herself didn't have particular hatred for humanity but she would not deny that they had performed unpunished crimes against nature and against the fae. Her family were always on the neutral side of humanity. They neither loved nor hated them, which was a fairly strong stance for the fae. Ciara knew that telling this to Aileen would most likely make her uncomfortable since she was a human. But Ciara wanted to make sure she knew that vampires weren't the only ruthless ones in the world. Vampires were more upfront with the murder but humans had a vicious streak that could destroy the world if other species didn't exist.

"Don't worry, I don't have any particular hatred for humanity nor have I harmed human children." She said to reassure Aileen, "But I do understand your position in seeing those children as monsters. So I'll adjust the deal. If you promise me to spare vampire kids who haven't killed anybody and don't bear the mark of the serpent, then I'll tell you the information you need to know. And be mindful, a verbal deal with the fae is as strong as any pact or contract. There will be harsh consequences for breaking it."

Ciara offered her hand out towards Aileen. Once she accepted it, either through a handshake or verbally, the oath would be set.

Author: Aileen, Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 1:34 PM, Post Subject: Dance of The Night [P]

For once, her cheeks burned hot as embers as the woman asked for specifics. Aileen had not been particularly careful with her wording and thus allowed some insight to her personal mission. It wasn't that she kept it a secret, more that she didn't advertise it so willingly. If vampires caught wind of her identity as a vampire hunter, things could be far more dangerous for her. Still, it seemed the woman was willing to share her knowledge.

"A specific clan. The Hallowthornes. They brand themselves with a serpent."

She watched as the woman pulled herself from the water and magicked it back into the pool. Aileen was not uncomfortable with the act of it, but she had little magical talent to speak of herself. Unable to pull on the most basic elements, she found she could focus the shadows a bit and draw power from blood. But that was the extent of her abilities. A frown creased her forehead as the stipulation was placed upon the hunter in exchange for the information. She huffed. "Most vampiric children I have met slaughtered mercilessly, indiscriminately. You cannot preach to me that they are near defenseless when I have seen the blood of hundreds dripping from their chin."

But she needed that information. Aileen scowled at the reflection of the moon, contemplating her next course of action, barely able to constructively see anything past the innocent face of Baby Seoras. So long as she can make the Hallowthornes pay for what they did to him, maybe sparing a child if they can prove to be sensible won't hurt too much… "Maybe… If they can show they aren't relentless murderers… I can spare them. Unless they bear the mark of the serpent. All Hallowthornes are to burn, their ashes scattered for what they have done." she said, voice dripping with venomous hatred.

Author: Ciara, Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 1:02 PM, Post Subject: Dance of The Night [P]

Ciara smiled at the fact that Aileen preferred the truth. There were many who grew angry from her truths so she had to put extra effort into threading flowery words along with the hard facts. It seemed this woman didn't need sugar to help the medicine go down. Aileen mentioned creatures of the night but that was fairly vague. There were lycans, dark fae, dark elves, vampires, random cultists, vaewolves, werewolves, regular wolves, night fairies, moon dryads, and many many others. She then specified that she was hunting vampires. Aileen had traveled in Parvpora and Canelux and was smart enough not to brave Kurayo on her own. Still there was some information missing. Her brows knitted in confusion since vampires were fairly common in both Parvpora and Canelux.

"Is there a specific vampire you're looking for or are you hunting for any vampires?" Ciara asked.

Onnen was actually a continent where most vampires disliked. There were warmer climates here and less places to hide in comparison to Parvpora and Canelux. It was still a fairly knew continent to many vampire families. If she wanted to hunt massive groups of vampires then the other two continents would be easier to start with. Ciara, ready to get in a more comfortable position, pulled herself out of the water and sat on the edge of the pool. Her eyes turned from grey to a bright shade of violent as swirl of violet magic surrounded her left hand. The water that soaked her body began to magically pull away and float towards the pool. Little droplets plopped into the pool as she returned the water. Ciara's hair was dry and curly and her clothes were no longer soaking. Her feet remained in the water and she made little splashes with them.

"I do have some significant knowledge on vampire locations and I can connect you to other people who knows Onnen vampire families." She said looking towards Aileen, "However, I'd want you to do something in turn. You'd have to make an oath to never harm vampire children. I dislike it when hunters go after cubs, pups, or children since they have little to defend themselves with."

She looked back towards the water and at their reflections.

"Children don't decide their fates nor can they choose who they're born to." She said, "Hunt the adults all you like. But leave the kids out of it."

This was always her policy with hunters but this time there was a little more personal motivation. She had met a sweet vampire boy who was vulnerable to the world. Then….there were the children she birthed. Ciara had surrendered the mother title a long long time ago but there was still a part of her that wanted to give them a little bit of an edge in the world even if they were safe at home with their father.

Author: Aileen, Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 11:26 AM, Post Subject: Dance of The Night [P]

Ravens gossip? Aileen blinked at the response, her cheeks turning a charming touch of rose at the compliment. She had heard the creatures so often in her life that she never gave them a second thought until they grew too quiet. And it was rare for her to hear anything nice about herself, especially from someone not trying to lull her into a false sense of calm in an attempt to consume her. "Thank you…" she whispered, unable to meet the woman's eyes which seemed to be near-identical to her own.

It appeared to be evident that the ravens understood more than the average person might think as they agitatedly flew off. The woman's sweet voice saw Aileen was not derailed from her task, her mission to find the murderers who stole Seoras. "I'd rather a blunt, harsh truth than sugary lies," she said flatly as her charcoal gaze finally returned to the woman. "I seek creatures of the night, but I don't know the lands. Where would such foul monstrosities nest around these parts?"

She had seen the goddess of light and had a lecture that not all vampires are cruel and evil. Some had taken to drinking animal blood, others found a more tame way to survive without killing or destroying lives. Aileen still had a hard time believing it, for she had yet to see any evidence to suggest it to be so. But the goddess would not lie to her, surely, thus Aileen had no choice but to take it into consideration. "Specifically, I am hunting vampires. They have not been seen in Parvpora nor Canelux. I am not foolish enough to brave Kurayo alone. Any information you might have would be much appreciated."

Author: Ciara, Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 10:48 AM, Post Subject: Dance of The Night [P]

She could hear the stranger draw closer so she swam towards the sound of the footsteps. The stranger was a woman with wavy black hair and a calm disposition. Pulling herself towards the edge of the water next to Aileen, she folded her arms on the stones and looked up towards the stranger. Ciara listened as Aileen questioned how she knew the woman was there, and soon more questions followed.

"The ravens gossip about us." She explained with a sweet voice, "They were comparing their blackened feathers to your dark hair. Personally I think your hair has a prettier shade."

The ravens began cawing louder at that and flew off, as though they were offended. Now that they had a bit more privacy, she was eager to answer the woman's questions. The forest was never truly private but of all the critters, the ravens were among the chattiest. Ciara could talk to them for hours before she got tired. It was a shame that most people couldn't understand their words.

"Anyway, you had a few questions for me, didn't you dearie?" She said in her honey voice, "I'll give answers, but they might not be what you want to hear. Truth is so rarely sweet to the ears."

Crickets chirped in the distance and fireflies began to dance in the air, provided additional light. The magic of the pool rejuvenated Ciara's mana and helped her relax. With two full moons and the water, her mana was stronger than ever. She was half tempted to summon something to make Aileen feel more comfortable but she felt it would only make the woman wary instead of relaxed. So she rested her head on her arms while looking up at Aileen.

Author: Aileen, Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2020 7:22 PM, Post Subject: Dance of The Night [P]

Footsteps echoed around her, sounding faint and close simultaneously. Music played faintly, children laughed, vendors hawking their wares. They spoke of mouthwatering treats, succulent meats, and smooth cider. A civilization thrived here, long lost in time. Aileen wondered what had happened to them. Nature was taking over. Water eroded tile, vegetation poked through stone. It stood as testimony that it did not matter how grand a people were, they fall and nature reclaims what was taken. Like a wound, the buildings that still stand will crumble and be naught but a pile of stone that scars the land, but even scars fade over time.

The huntress was admiring the land, speculating the histories as she was merely passing through on her hunt. Just because she had not found evidence of them yet, did not mean that vampires did not exist here in Onnen. Still, this was a learning experience. Maybe Aileen could find something here that would be useful in defeating other vampires in the future. Movement caught her attention, however, something that always caused her heart to race. As quietly as she could, the vampire hunter darted down the street and spied around a corner.

It was an individual with blue-hued tresses. By the way their hips moved, it was definitely female. One could never tell by clothing alone. Her clothing was black, almost as if to obscure her form into the night. What was a barefooted woman doing in a ruined city at night alone? Aileen furrowed her brow as she continued to follow behind the woman until she came to a waterfall that fed a pool. She watched as beautiful flowers were placed into the basin, and two sticks of incense were lit. The woman she had followed rose her arms as if in prayer but moved in rhythm to a silent song. Water joined the woman, dancing with her as she moved, inching closer and closer to the pool of water.

Soon, the dancer was moving into the water until she was completely submerged. Aileen was captivated, almost spellbound by the woman. Even as the woman came up for air, everything about her was so graceful. As she called out to Aileen, as if she knew the hunter was there the entire time, it was as if everything was planned out and rehearsed. The hunter came out from the shadows, eyeing the incense wearily as she moved upwind of them just in case. Just because the dance was beautiful and Aileen was called out, did not mean she should lose her senses completely now. Instead of joining her in the water, Aileen kneeled beside the water's edge, looking at the woman. "How did you know I was there?"

So many questions sprang to mind. "Would you mind answering a few questions? I'm in search of some people and can use some information about the area."

Author: Ciara, Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2020 10:27 PM, Post Subject: Dance of The Night [P]

It was the night of two full moons. The abandoned city of Kanuri was dark and quiet with only the sound of crickets to bring any sort of comfort to passing travelers. One lone woman walked through the streets with a basket full of pink and red night water lilies. These lilies were special, as they would only bloom at night. Any other time of the day and they would be closed up. The woman holding the basket was Ciara. Instead of her normal long dresses, she was wearing a two piece black outfit. Her top wrapped around her chest but never went past her stomach. She wore a skirt that draped towards the back but never went past her knees. Underneath the skirt was a pair of shorts, also the shade of black. As always, her feet were bare. Ciara's blue hair was tied up into a ponytail with a ribbon and a moon flower was placed in her hair. A brown satchel hung from her shoulder. 

The woman walked through the empty streets where plants were breaking through the cracked stone path. There was one thing on her mind. She passed the weather-torn buildings and structures until she came to her destination. The warrior falls had crystal clear waters and precious gems decorated the bottom of the large basin. The water was magical, similar to the one in Sularia. Despite a lack of people, the warrior falls didn't seem as though it needed any person to keep it in shape. Ciara walked to the edge of the basin and placed her basket of water lilies on the ground. Carefully taking each lily, she placed the water lilies into the water, watching as they floated further away from her. After the basket was empty, she reached into her satchel and brought out two joss sticks. One was lavender scented while the other was the scent of rosemary. 

Ciara carefully lit both sticks with her match then placed them close to the edge of the basin as well but far enough so that the water wouldn't touch it. Rising to her feet, she took a couple steps back from the basin. Then she began to dance. First she raised her arms but then it quickly turned into a dance. Her movements were slow, as slow and steady as the waves of an ocean. Her hips moved like a snake and she never minded that there wasn't any music playing. The music was inside her mind. She began spinning to a non existent beat. As she danced, a stream of water began to lift from the basin and began to swirl around Ciara's limbs.

When she swayed her hips the water swirled around her waist and when she moved her legs it would move to downwards to her legs. More water streams began to surround Ciara and she slowly moved to the edge of the basin as she danced. It was as though she was being pulled to the basin even though the magic was hers to begin with. Her foot stretched outwards towards the basin and she dropped into it. Even her fall into the water seemed graceful, like a swan landing after a flight. The magic stopped and her dancing did as well when she was fully submerged in the water of the basin. For a few moments she waited before swimming back to the surface for air. The first thing she looked at was the two moons in the sky along with the thousands of stars. 

"The water is warm. You may join me if you like." Ciara said, her eyes stilled glued to the sky. 

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