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Author: Nerine, Posted: Fri Feb 1, 2019 6:56 PM, Post Subject: From a Bad Trip to an Interdimensional Trip (Open)

"Breathe Nerine, breathe. Your feet are on the ground, everything is absolutely fine. Stable, solid ground that is most certainly attached to the earth itself." Yes that last bit was a lie, but she really didn't want to suffer a fainting spell here. This was a thousand times more terrifying than the time she attempted to scale a cliff to see the elusive Eyota blossom. Falling from this height would be…no she shouldn't think about it. Kanuri was an ancient place now populated by birds and flora rather than people, though the plants didn't have much to say. Whatever happened here was far beyond their lifespan. The chill here wasn't only from the altitude. The whole ruin had an unearthly feel as voices of people no longer present echoed as they did in life. Once she found a few more samples she would find her daughter Chrys and finally make her way down. 

Imagine her surprise when she saw an actual living, breathing being in the empty structures! Holding her breath she rubbed her eyes wondering if it was a mirage. With hesitation she came closer, holding her book to her chest before calling to him. Raising a hand she threw her voice as far as she could. "Hello? Sir, can you hear me? Do you need any help?" If there was no reply she was definitely seeing things and might be getting lightheaded from the thin air. To Seth, a woman wearing a sky blue graduation gown with a hood was waving at him from a distance. Her short curly blonde hair shone in the sun, but her form confirmed her gender. She was probably the most normal looking thing in this land beyond logic and sense. 

The man's clothing looked more of the practical sort,  no bright saturated colors. There was no sign of a group or aerial transportation. How did manage to get up here? His behavior was…confused. What if he had been stranded here for a while? She had some water and a few potions if needed. Something to calm the nerves and get one's mind off of how high these stone remnants were. If she could see any plants close by she could ask them about the stranger. 

Author: Seth Anderson, Posted: Fri Feb 1, 2019 12:56 PM, Post Subject: From a Bad Trip to an Interdimensional Trip (Open)

Blue eyes widened with a mixture of horror, confusion and utter disbelief before narrowing into a suspicious scowl that created several wrinkles upon his brow (clearly this expression was one the man adopted on a regular basis given the depth of the lines on his face) as he stared around at the sights before him.

”What’s THIS?!” The man yelled; throwing his hands out in front of him as he gestured (to nobody in particular since he appeared to be alone) to the floating rocks before him shimmering in a myriad of colours. ”There’s… colour… EVERYWHERE.” He exclaimed as he continued to stare at the shards of rock with their enchanting waterfalls. ”There’s… rocks… and stuff… in the air…” He continued, rubbing at his eyes as though that might get rid of the vision before him.
No such luck. Nope. Still there, they were still floating and he was still losing his mind. Blinking at them he threw his arms in the air and yelled once more. ”What is this?!”

Ohhh Sethy boy how much did you drink last night… He groaned; bending double and holding his head within his hands as he leaned forward and put his head between his knees in the ‘brace’ position… as though somehow that was going to fix the madness he had found himself suffering in.
Ok. So he remembered coming back from patrol with the lads and having a few bevvy’s… there was something about a push up competition (always a wise idea when intoxicated) and then… that was where he drew a blank. He could just about recall going to bed but this he did not remember.
What in the name of God had he drunk last night?! He didn’t remember Tequila doing this to him the last time he drank it!

Opening one eye he dared to look at his surroundings once more and groaned loudly. ”It’s official. I can’t believe my eyes, I must be dreaming.” He muttered, banging at his head with his fists. ”Come on Seth, this isn’t fair. What’s this…” He uttered once more as he gestured wildly at everything. He had to be dreaming, right? It was that or one of the lads had slipped something extremely strong into his drink… maybe that was it - he was just drugged up to his eyeballs and having hallucinations while he was high? Or he was in a coma… had he been shot and didn’t know about it? Was that what was happening right now?
”There’s something very wrong, what’s this? There are people singing songs. What’s this…” He groaned as he stood up and began to wonder through the ruins; though at this point he wasn’t entirely convinced that he shouldn’t just lie down, close his eyes and try and sleep whatever this was off…

As he walked through one of the streets several little creatures scuttled past his feet giggling and chucking rocks at one another; as they spotted him (looking like a deer in headlights) they scurried away guffawing loudly. ”The streets are lined with… little creatureslaughing.” He stated in a broken tone, cocking his head to one side and giggling weakly. ”Everybody seems so happy… Oh God I’ve gone daffy.” He said in a muffled tone as he held his head in his hands and let out a weak, chuckling sob. Oh God he really had lost it now. ”Seriously what’s this?!” He yelled as though someone might actually answer him.
Yeah right Seth; because people want to talk to the insane man seeing floating rocks and little weirdo creatures the size of a Leprechaun… Yeah let’s think about Leprechaun’s because THAT will help when you’re having a mental breakdown…

”Children… that’s what they are mate. There are children throwing… rocks… like snowballs… yeah rather that than heads.” He muttered to himself; though at this point had they been throwing heads he really wouldn’t have been surprised. ”They’re all busy… and absolutely no one’s dead…” Given all that he had seen in the last few months of his life in the Army the fact that a ruined city like this wasn’t absolutely littered with dead bodies really was something of a novelty to the man.
Looking at the remnants of one of the windows he saw a flicker of something and raised an eyebrow. ”There’s… something on every window.” He said softly, touching the wall carefully with his fingertips and feeling a soft vibration through his skin. ”Oh I can’t believe my eyes… and in my bones I feel the warmth that's coming from inside.” What on Earth had he just touched exactly that would make him feel this way?

”The sights… the sounds… it’s everywhere and all around. I’ve never felt like this before, this empty place inside me feels like it’s filling up… though given what I just touched God only knows what with. Then again if I’m still drunk it could well be vomit at this point.” He continued his running commentary to himself - clearly it was the only thing giving the poor man any solace at this point. ”What is this place I’ve found? What is this…. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!”

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