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Author: Aileen, Posted: Fri Aug 14, 2020 2:23 AM, Post Subject: To Babysit A Hunter [P,R]

Aileen had been doing some extensive research on the vampires. Somewhere to the north was a clan that had some ties with the Hallowthorns, so she was now hunting them. Yet, she was hunting for information before anyone died. Things were starting out fairly well. One night, she had managed to trap a vampire and interrogated it. Sadly, the vile creature did not divulge any useful knowledge. Actually, it didn't divulge anything. Instead, it broke its own chains, stole Aileen's weapon, and impaled its own heart to keep the secrets safe.

Despite the setback, Aileen would not allow anything to derail her search…


Her head was killing her. Aileen groaned against the throbbing. If that wasn't bothering her enough, the constant dripping sound in the distance was aggravating. There was a rattling of chains as she realized she could not move her hand. In fact, she couldn't move anything! Her eyes snapped open, taking in her surroundings. She was alone in a small cavern. It was dark. Her hands were bound above her, and she had long since lost feeling in them. Aileen cursed to herself as she waited… waited for the next being to announce itself to her presence. Someone… or Something… will pay for this.

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