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Character Info
Name: Ong Porrys
Age: 30
Alignment: TN
Race: Half Goblin
Gender: Male
Class: Battle Mage/Merchant Adventurer
Silver: 548
Ong raised his arm to shield himself from the rays of the sun above him. The entrance of the great temple was truly a marvelous site to behold. He quickly marched over to a set of stairs with his notebook in hand and placed his arm on a wall next to it. Looking over to his right, was a small mosaic depicting the history of the great temple. Ong turned  and brought his face over for a closer look. The mosaic was a depiction of the avian tribes that once inhabited the great temple; nesting sites, cuisine and worship of the great tree Onnen. He fingers traced the lovely figures upon the mosaic, he wanted to learn more about this tribe and its history.  Ong walked over to his right and proceeded to ascend the steps. Upon reaching the temple entrance he turned back and looked over outside the floating island.

The entrance was cooler than outside of the temple and Ong cold feel refreshing breeze hit his face. He looked and marveled at the world before walking into the temple. To his right he notice a couple monks whispering among themselves before acknowledging him with a nod. Ong gave a respectful nod back as he continued further into the monastery. To his left, he looked over more lovely mosaics covered with thick moss. These however, differed from the one  he had seen outside for they depicted the activities of the monks that resided in the temple. Ong stopped to marvel at them for a bit. With notebook in hand he began to write in his journal of the scenes displayed of the monks in deep prayer.

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