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Amorak Graves

Character Info
Name: Amorak Graves
Age: 24
Alignment: LN
Race: Vampire
Gender: Male
Silver: 609
Why was he invited alone to the manor?

That was the sole thought that plagued him even as he rode on horseback to the Volkovs’ home. The air was warming up as the season shifted, yet it didn’t matter much to him. The cold nor warmth could reach him but he was certainly afflicted by his nerves. The letter he received didn’t speak too much, aside for requesting his presence and to not inform Jessa until afterwards.

As he followed the familiar path, Amorak replayed the scene that morning over and over. Perhaps her stepfather wanted to speak to him about their relationship? He knew Angela was head over heels about the prospect, but nothing was ever said by Nemesis. He didn’t really think he would mind it, and yet he wanted to meet with him from out of the blue?

Would this be his last day in the realm? A childish thought, and one that eased him in a slight laugh, but it wasn’t one that would be too far-fetched. He had heard stories of the man, and a lot of them were not very pleasant, if true.

By the time he reached the house, it was after midnight, he was sure of it. His horse secured, he went to knock at the door, but it flew itself right open. The vampire slowly drew his hand back and proceeded. He knew much about the place and figured that he would wait for a servant in the foyer, but what he found was much more straightforward.

“Join me, boy.”

Nemesis was in the middle of taking in a drink, his eyes leisurely staring through him.

“My lord”, he spoke and quickly bowed before approaching him. Even as a vampire, Amorak could feel the differences between them. Perhaps that was why a vaewolf was that much more dangerous? He didn’t want to try such luck in finding out.

“You ponder why I brought you out here. Don’t fret, you are an open book right now.” Nemesis turned to pour himself some more brandy. “I did so for several reasons, in fact. The first was because of your intentions with Jessamyn. In truth, I don’t care much about what my stepchildren do, for the most part, aside from those that reside in Kurayo and the youngest ones. While Jessa is free to do as she pleases, that doesn’t change the fact that she is royal blood. I don’t know much of you, but I know you’re lacking that one thing. The rest of the city doesn’t know those two facts though.”

“Lord Volkov, if…”, he started, but Nemesis was quick to cut him off.

“In any manner, if you both desire to continue onward with this, then you may have my blessing. Oh and another important manner…”

With one hand whipped out and touching Amorak’s chest, Nemesis shot a bolt of light into the man, and he crumbled onto the floor. Severe pain override his senses as he screamed, his mind trying to figure out what was going on in the midst of the chaos. Nemesis drank his fill and looked at him lazily. “You'll be fine in a moment. I gave you a gift so you may enjoy what was taken from you…”

“Taken….from me…!?!” The hell did he mean? Had he just lured him in so that he could snuff out his life? But as promised, the pain went away as fast as it came and he rose up just enough to look at Nemesis.

“Yes. You are unable to walk in the sunlight, correct? Trust me, I have been in those shoes before. You are now a daywalker, Amorak Graves. You don’t have to be like the others and fear the sun. Think of it as my present to you, after all, we are to be family, no?”

Amorak could only stare in disbelief at the words spoken. He couldn’t remember the last time he was able to move about in the daylight without some sort of protection. “You are a good man, even to go as far as to entertain that airhead Gabriel. I will need you to continue on with that, by the way. For that part, I don’t expect it to be done for free. I have learned about your search for your sister and will gladly lend help in that venture. The shadows speak to me at all times.”

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