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Kawabata Yoichi
Mid 30s
The real Kawabata
Nov 29, 1986

All About Kawabata Yoichi

Kagurabue - A tradinational flute that is played with gentle breaths, and produces a low clear low tone. Kawabata likes to play it now and then to pass the time and clear her mind.

Kawatab's weretiger side isn't something she shows off very often, partially because she'd much rather use her weapons than claws. But also because the parasitic armour under her skin causes great pain when she shifts, so she only does so under extreme duress. Something about either her bloodline of tiger or perhaps the parasitic armour makes it very difficult to tell that she isn't as human as she looks, and the added strength of her bloodline is not something she tends to rely on, prefering her speed and skill with her swords. But, when the time comes to cut loose, she's more than willing to shift and rip and tear. She's also rather addicted to catnip, even smoking it while in human form, it mellows her out and lets her relax while feeling like she's floating.

Kawabata also has access to a variety of katanas that she has aquired over the years, seemingly to have one for every occastion and element. She carries them in a special backpack that has an Endless Bag woven into it, allowing the bag to be just large enough for her to reach back and drop something inside, but not be so bulky as to hinder movement or get in her way in general. Any weapons she seems to call from thin air is just her using a summon spell she knows to call the weapon she wants to her, when she's done with it, she can just drop it back into the bag and call up something else.

Sub List:

1) Arriese Glaive - Arriese Naginata
2) Sapphire Sword - Sapphire Katana(Ice)
3) Blade of Dancing Heat - Wakizashi of Dancing Heat
4) Phoenix Blade - Phoenix Katana (Fire)
5) Radiant Sabre - Radiant Katana (Light)
6) Kaze’s Wakizashi - Kaze's Katana(wind)
7) Thyella, the Twin Blades - Thyella, Twin Katanas(Lightning)
8) Veille Mbanja x2 - Claws in Weretiger form
9) Ethreal Bow - Yumi( Bow Length: 7 feet, Arrow Length: just over 3 feet each)
10) Wyvern Bone Blade - Wyvern Bone Katana

Kawa's Oni Mask, she wears it sometimes when she's on a job, all depends on the situation and the client's tastes(Clink for pic)


Used on her Ataiyan Katana or Wyvern Bone Katana when the time calls for it.

1) Siren's Shell - Minor Water
2) Miasma Orb - Minor Poison
3) Benitoite - Minor Earth
4) Grinning Skull - Darkness

Kawabata was born and raised in a land to the east of Parvpora, while not a large land, perhaps twice the size of Itjivut, it is a beautiful and lush land. Divided into territories governed my different families, who all answer to one High Emperor or Empress who help with disputes, Kawabata’s family one of the higher families in the territory she was born in. Her whole family are born as weretigers, she had a younger brother and an older sister, all of them raised with swords in their hands the moment they could grip a hilt. However, her line of weretigers don’t really come into their own with their change until they hit puberty, then it hits like a run away dragon crashing into an airsoft.

When she turned 8, like her siblings, she was sent to a special school to hone her fighting skills, having proved herself in the trials thanks to training from her parents and grandmother. The school refined her skills and gave her the knowledge to use a naginata and a yumi bow, allowing her to be more versatile. It was also here that some of her latent magic was discovered, like her ability to call up an item she owns, like her sword, out of thin air. This to was added into her training, along with an odd ability to call up a heavy fog in the area to act as cover.

She was a late bloomer into puberty, it not starting until she was in her 13th year, but it hit her like a brick wall. In her society a female’s menstrual period is celebrated as a sign of a girl becoming a woman, however, it is also seen a deeply private experience due to the pain involved. As such, all women are able to take advantage of privacy huts for their time each month should they wish. Food and water is brought to them and placed in a special portal that can only be opened from one side at a time, allowing full privacy along with enchanted one way windows so they can still see outside and have natural light. Small fireplaces with chimeneas are there for cooking and heat in colder months.

For women from the time they start puberty until around the age of 20 or so their menstrual period also forces a shift to their weretigers, almost at random. Kawabata, for example, in one 3 day stay in a hut shifted nearly a dozen times back and forth leaving her utterly exhausted and in even more pain. So from when she was 13 until she was 20 Kawabata would feel her time start and seclude herself in a hut, her older sister having done the same thing and she was a great help to Kawabata for getting through these times with advice.

When she was 20 she was betrothed to a young man of her age from a family in a neighboring territory. This was an arranged marriage thanks to her parents, but, after a year of getting to know the young man they did end up falling for each other. It was also when she found out that, despite being 20, her forced shifts while menstruating did not stop, this was tacked up to be due to her late start in puberty. So she still had to use the huts.

At some point when she was 21 she was infected with the parasite that would become her living armour under her skin. For a few months she was always fatigued, and would fall asleep in an instant given the chance, becoming lethargic as the parasite sapped her strength to quickly grow in her body. By the time the healers found the problem it was too late, the parasite had spread through almost all of her body and removing it would kill her. This type of infection was rather frowned upon in her community, but the worst was that when she shifted forms it was enormously painful as the ‘armour’ plates had to split and crack to allow her body to change. Her screams could be heard a good way from whatever private hut she was in, and instead of looking down on her for having that ‘disease’ they pitied her for her pain, and sort of started to respect her more for going through all of that and not giving up.

When she was 22 she started to notice that her tiger form fur was starting to lighten, the orange over the next few months turned white. Knowing this was an ill omen among her people Kawabata had to start taking every precaution to hide that from people. Because everyone knew of her parasite issue, it was easy enough to excuse herself from any training, saying that she wanted to train her human self more since shifting now could be a hiderance in a fight. This was thankfully an acceptable excuse to many and she got away with it for a while.

When she was 23 her period came sooner than expected and she almost didn’t make it, suddenly going from being ok to being in much pain. Her parents were out, but her siblings were home so they helped her to privacy, but hew body started to change just as they reached the hut. Screaming she changed, knowing now that her secret would be exposed to her sister and brother, who could only stare as their sister writhed in pain as her skin sprouted that ill fated white fur.

Thankfully for her their promised to keep the secret for her, until her brother drunkenly spilled it to her parents. Expecting to be outcast instead their all agreed to keep it a secret and help her hide it. Luckily by the time she was nearly 24 the forced changes had nearly stopped and she was able to fully control her shifting at will like the rest of her family.

Nearing 25 she was staying at her fiancé’s home for a few months, since they weren’t married she had to stay in a separate room. But, love would win out and he would sneak his way in every couple of nights so they could be together. One evening Kawabata made a nasty error, they got drunk together and made love. In the grip of ecstasy they decided to shift into their weretiger forms to continue, only for her love to step back when he saw the ill omen of the white tiger before him. That quickly ended the mood and the night.

The next morning it seemed he was unable to bring himself to love such a ‘creature’ as his family referred to her as. She was dually sent home in chains, which her own family took offence to. However, now that the news was out there was little they could do. She would either become an outcast, imprisoned or just executed depending on what a gathering of elders from other territories decided.

Before they could make that decision Kawabata decided for herself; she would go into self-imposed exile to save the honour of her parents. Her parents weren’t happy about this, but there was a chance their daughter could be imprisoned or killed, so at least this way she would still live and maybe one day reunite with them. The evening before the decision from the elders would be made Kawabata gathered a few things, a single katana from her collection, her wakizashi, some gold and her bottomless bag that she had turned into a slim backpack.

With help from her siblings and her parents acting as distractions when needed Kawabata made her escape to a friendly territory. While they would not harbour her because of what she was and what that could bring to their doorsteps, they didn’t stop her from travelling through their lands to the coast. From there she used her gold and got on a boat, using her combat skills to hire out as a mercenary to make money.

Over time and as a few years passed she made her way to Canelux, having fully embraced the mercenary lifestyle of travelling around for work and spending her money in taverns and brothels.

Some of her Tattoos and their meaning:

On Kawabata's right leg she has a full sleeve of a Japanese dragon around wrapping around her leg with flowers and cherry blossom accents. She gained this when she had proved her strength and determination in combat to her people. The cherry blossoms give her tattoo a bit more femineity to show her pride n being a female warrior when other had tried to hold her back from her chosen life.

On her left thigh she had a Kabuto helmet, this given to her upon attaining the full rank of samurai, the style and colouring of it matching that of her house, a symbol of pride in her family. Even after all these years away it still holds those meaning to her. On her calf is a black and white phoenix, to symbolize her new life away from her home land and her family, the black and white shows the mouring she thinks of daily for those that she cannot see anymore in this new life.
Obsidian Shard
This black shard is actually volcanic glass. It can be used for various crafts.
The Poisoned Barb
A sword of a once mighty god of assassins. It has the ability to not only function as a sword but also as a serrated whip. It’s blade is coated in a poison not found on the mortal plane. Poison can only be cured by water from magic-concentrated places like Feeorin Forest or Sularia.
This is an event prize for the 2019 Anniversary Event: A Tale of Mortals and World's End.
A purple gemstone commonly used in jewelry and other projects.
Petrified Bark
Ancient remains of Verya. Just a tiny bit of how massive the World Tree was before her fall.
Eating these is more likely to kill you than change your height.
A common herb found in gardens, the fragrant essential oils extracted from the leaves are used in aromatherapy and flavoring hard candies.
Lump of Coal
A hard packed ball of coal that can be used for crafting. Can also be used to burn for a fire.
A screaming root that typically grows next to graves. Their cries are painful even as infants, and their volume only gets worse with age. The especially ancient ones can cause deafness.
Wyvern Bone Blade
The strongest remnants of the frost wyvern’s skeleton were used to create this sword which can puncture and shred most modest armors apart with ease.
This is an event prize for Xunatar's 2017 event: The Ignius Paradox Event
Rose Hip
The beginnings of a rose, this rose hip is an exceptionally healthy specimen. It can either be planted or ground up for herbalism purposes.
A simple block of wood. Maybe it can be used for something?
Quiver of Elemental Arrows
A medium pack of arrows that have been magically charged with different elemental effects. These arrows deal minor elemental damage. Each arrow can only do one element at a time. Meaning you can't have fire and water damage on the same arrow.
This pack has a max of 25 elemental arrows you can use per thread unless you roleplay buying more.
Ethereal Bow
A lightweight bow with a special enchantment; all arrows loosed from it fly through the air with deadly accuracy regardless of wind or weather. It was crafted by a team of rangers and alchemists from Karith so the winds of the flying city did not hamper their performance.
Grinning Skull
Most skulls that are unearthed in Revaliir are plain to the eye and dreary, but there are occasionally those that are found to have a perpetual grin. The sockets of these haunting craniums are rumored to be filled with the darkest of shadows, and some graverobbers tell tales of hearing the skulls laugh at them whenever they turned their backs. Each person’s experience is different, but all grinning skulls provide a minor, elemental enchantment of Darkness.
Benitoite is a rare, blue crystal found only in areas of the earth where cold meets hot. It typically forms in serpent like veins that shimmer brilliantly under the right kind of light magic. The most common areas that these crystals have been found are in the Ancense and Zujiuchu Mountains, though some report them being found in Sarchu Valley as well. Benitoite bestows a minor, elemental enchantment of Earth.
These herbs can be prepared in a variety of ways— ground into a balm, brewed into a tea, chewed whole, and more— and have a variety of properties that make them valuable to alchemists, healers, assassins, and more.
Miasma Orb
A well-contained, toxin cloud exists within these orbs, protecting all who venture near. The poison is strong enough to kill a man in hours, and only after agonizing pain. Assassins as well as mages covet these artifacts for their effectiveness as tools. They are frequently found around the border of the swamplands east of Adeluna, and the orbs provides a minor, elemental enchantment of Poison.
Thyella, the Twin Blades
Two silver blades that conduct lightning at the wielder's command. When put together the blades can be made into one sword and double their lightning abilities. Be warned, the blades cannot be separated. If one is too far from the other, the dual swords will lose their lightning abilities until they are joined once more.
This is an Event prize for Staff's 2021 World Event: Draconic Insurrection.
Kaze’s Wakizashi
This blade cuts through the air like a vortex, bringing with it the swirling wrath of a heavy wind enchantment. It is said to have once been bathed in the fountains of the God Who Creates Storms.
Reyansh's Endless Bag
This bag can hold almost anything in any size and it never fills up. When the user wants to get a specific item out they only need to think of the item and the bag will place it in their hand when they put their hand in the bag
Ghost Kitten
Long forgotten by its owner, this kitten has wandered the land for years in search of a new owner. This is an event prize for the 2016 Halloween Event: Atop Haunted Hill.
Starry Night Robes
These robes appear to be weaved from the night sky itself. They shift with the elegant art of the stars.
2015 Christmas Advent Calendar: Day 9
Chrysalis Ring
This rings creates a crystal barrier around the user. It protects from both magical and physical attacks. The barrier does break under large amounts of pressure so beware.
Prize for the 2017 Triune Event: Hell Hath No Fury
Veille Mbanja
A sinister knife made of iron and leather that can be thrown with deadly accuracy. Injuries from this weapon will actually cause the target to feel numbness instead of pain.
Radiant Saber
A saber with a blade composed of solid, bright light whose alignment changes depending on the wielder’s intent.
Phoenix Blade
Forged in the fires of a dying phoenix, this sword has taken part of the flame into itself. When drawn, this sword is bathed in the fire that forged it, melting through whatever it strikes.
Hunter's Instinct
Creates heightened senses needed to be a hunter. I.e. Smell, sight, etc.
A training blade from Ataiyo made of wood. It is very sturdy.
A hardy pack, with two straps that allow it to be worn on one's back. It's ideal for carrying supplies while on the move.
Small Pipe
Herbs are placed burned in this device, and the user may inhale the smoke.
A wooden rod that is hollowed out with holes carved in. If one places their fingers over the holes, it makes sounds when on blows into the mouth piece.
Symbiotic Armour
Not a true suit of armour, but a symbiotic organism that lives under the skin of the host. What starts as some form of parasite, if left untreated for too long it spreads and grows under the skin of the host, forming an inner shell of harden material. While it does sap the host’s strength as it grows, once it is fully developed it doesn’t need as much energy to sustain itself. Instead of killing the host, the harden plates inside the skin act akin to plate armour in terms of protection, even if the skin can skill be gashed and bleed. Surface damage to the host can still be done, however, getting to vitals past the symbiote is much more difficult. While it does mean the host can seem like they are not wearing amour, the downside is that, when the armour is damaged it takes longer for it and the host recover. The host needs to fuel their recover as well as energy to repair the symbiote, leading to longer recovery times from wounds.
Summon Item
The caster summons an item, normally armor or weapons, that they own from the aether.
Ataiyan Katana
A long, curved blade, these swords are treasured for their strength. The forging process is long, as the metal is folded, pounded flat, and folded again, many times over until a strong, yet flexible blade is formed.
Enchanted with a keen rune so it never rusts or dulls from age. Enchanted with a second rune so that the blade has an easier time cutting through small amounts of other metals. The weapon stores power in its scabbard that increases the strength and sharpness of drawing strikes. The scabbard can also be used as a small shield in a pinch.
Parvpora's Sight
This spell allows the caster the ability to see better in the dark.
Increases the physical strength of the user for a short time.
Mind Tower
This spell allows the caster to better resist and defend against mental attacks and intrusions, such as charm spells, telepathy, or similar psionic magicks.
A basic healing spell that will restore an injured person's health.
Greater Heal
An advanced healing spell capable of sealing all but the most grievous of wounds.
Greater Agility
Not only heightens one’s speeds, but allows them great balance and the ability to land on one’s feet from high height. This spell also allows the ability to walk on walls and ceilings for the duration of ten minutes.
Arriese Glaive
The Arriese kingdom is known for their beautiful crafting skills. This glaive is but one piece that they share with the world. It is immensely sharp and formed from hardened volcanic glass that was dyed by way of magic. The glass shines brightly in the sun much like stained-glass, a favorite of the Rosenite architects. The shaft of the glaive is made from the hardest mahogany imported from Laeto Rainforest and whittled by the Oasis Elves that live alongside the Rosenites.
Enchanted with a keen rune so it never rusts or dulls from age. Enchanted with a second rune that gives the glaive a greater tendency to cause bleeding wounds through armor of any type.
Force Gauntlets
This armor was used by a powerful fate god once upon a time. These gauntlets have the ability to change the weight of the object they touch. They also have the ability to push or pull a target from several feet away.
This is an event prize for the 2019 Anniversary Event: A Tale of Mortals and World's End.
Fog Cover
Fog is conjured to cover where the caster wants. This fog obscures even the best vision but can only obscure the best vision for a few minutes before their eyes adjust. This allows for the caster to get away or find a safe place to hide... Or if one is daring enough, allows one to get an attack of opportunity.
A container typically used to hold drinking water.
Aura Sight
This spell allows the caster to sense a magical aura around a person, or to sense another's presence even if the caster cannot see them. Also allows the caster to sense magical presence up to 40 yards away.
Sun's Kiss
A lightweight silver shield accented in black tourmaline. Will absorb any magickal attack when used, and reflect out a short burst of near blinding light magick to give the shielder time to prepare their own returning attack (or flee!).
This is an Event Prize for Naota's 2017 Event Renaissance of Lumos.
Sapphire Sword
A beautifully smithed blade made from sapphires that has a chilling aura to it. It is most likely carved by the dwarves of Baltil. The blade itself glows like a thousand stars.
2015 Christmas Advent Calendar: Day 7
Blade of Dancing Heat
This knife is formed of a unique metal that can put out various degrees of heat according to the wielder's wishes. It can even become hot enough to instantly cauterize wounds.
Rhylana’s 2015 Event Item, Everything Burns
Natus Hookah
A rare item that almost no one has seen before. This hookah allows you to heat up the contents using coal. The liquid inside is what makes this hookah odd. It allows you to travel into the soul-stream via your dreams. Allowing you to meet the spirits bound for rebirth. This is different from Dalanesca’s soul-stream which is the opposite end of Angela’s. This whole hookah is crafted from one massive gemstone.
Event Prize for Angela Rose’s 2017 Deity Event: Madness of the Soul-Stream

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