Aug 3, 2018
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Lewis Terrowin
Night Phoenix
The real Dusk
Samuel Long

The following profiles and characters are the property of Samuel C. Long, and require my permission to be used elsewhere.

Dusk - Lewis Terrowin
Firesong - Drake Alzrahi
Raize - Rhenakos Raize
Shadowfang - Rynn Alzrahi
SilverWind - Aeolus Windscar
FalseHope - Xeik Eraphim
DivineBlood - Damien
VagrantHeart - Rulne Frostgarde
Shadowheart - Alexander
Raile - Raile Talon
Cerulean - Lucas

All About Lewis Terrowin

Age: 25
Race: Night Phoenix
Occupation: Farmer?
Hair: Silver blonde, ragged medium length.
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5’7
Body Type: Scrawny, but surprisingly athletic
Skin: Pale
Special Markings/Tattoos: Scars across his arms and back from whippings.and a resonance tattoo on his left shoulder blade.
Current Home: Isle de Koskaan (Near Benin)
Skillsets: Master level thievery, master level assassination skills, tactical mind, archery and knife throwing
Strengths: Reliable, adaptable, empathy control, quick thinking
Weakness: Lack of empathy for most, a real fight, social awkwardness

After discovering his growing skills as an assassin, Lewis was cast out of Heaven's Dawn, and drew opposition from his once friend and leader, Xeik. With nowhere to go, he found himself taking on mercenary-like contracts. As luck would have it, he encountered the newly risen God of Wrath and Heavens, Raith. The God saw something in the boy, a deep seated hatred of how the weak reveled in the light, and took it upon himself to show Lewis down the path of darkness.

During a special contract, Lewis met a strange, un-killable woman named Simone. Taking it as a challenge, Lewis abducted her in an attempt to keep his spotless record clear. During their talks, Lewis discovered that Simone truly wished to die. In an attempt to figure out how to kill Simone, Lewis journeyed to Lady Angela's realm, where he learned that a powerful fae curse kept her from every dying. With the held of the Goddess, Lewis was able to delve into Simone's mind, where he fought to learn the secret tot he fae magic. In the end, Lewis and Simone ended up in a strange relationship with each other, both unsure of what to do with each other, as Simone's wish to die was still a clear goal in their heads. Both of them had developed strong emotions for one another, but neither knew how to admit it.

With the information they discovered about the fae curse, Lewis, Simone, and a friend Rhenakos confronted the fae lord, and with their combined power struck him down. After the fae lord was dealt with, Lewis and Simone settled on a date to finish w hat they had started; killing Simone for good. During this waiting period, Simone asked to be wed, and with no argument against it, a variety of families came together for a shotgun wedding. With everything going on, Lewis and Simone's love for each other grew. The day came, finally, and Lewis killed Simone and fulfilled his contract.

….to be continued later

Xeik - Extremely Complicated, but Friends
Simone - Married
Rhenakos and the Raize Family - Friends
Raile and the Talon Family - Friends
Eyolf - A gifted direwolf

The Children

Mermaid Scales
A collection of scales found in the sands of barrier reefs around the Nyella Ocean. Mermaids only rarely have caravans passing this close to the shore and they ritualistically care for their bodies at home, so finding these scales is considered an omen of good luck by sailors.
Vengeful Admonition
After being attacked the user can return the damage taken with revenge fire, literally.
Ethereal tendrils reach out and strangle the target, preventing them from speaking, and, in time, suffocating them.
Shade Strike
This spell allows the caster to direct a blast of darkness at a target.
Pain Spike
This spell injects a surge of pain within a target which deals mental damage
Bottled Corruption
A sealed glass vial containing a piece of corruption. Every so often you hear a faint tapping from inside and feel that something is watching you.
A purple gemstone commonly used in jewelry and other projects.
Crystal Skates
These skates are magically crafted from pure crystal but are imbued with a spell that keeps them from breaking. They catch the light and sparkle as one wears them and glides across the ice.
This item is an event prize for the 2020 event: Days of Revelry
Wealth Teardrop
A beautifully crafted teardrop of gold suspended from a platinum chain. This was another famous tool for those who traveled to Edelweiss to use the mines below. This teardrop would rotate whenever something valuable was around. Valuable in this sense relied on what the user thought he would value whether people, treasure, or other things.
Event Prize for 2019 Canelux Event: Edelweiss's Plight.
A semi-precious gem used for crafting.
Glow Worm
A type of lumbricina that frequently enjoys dark places and thrives on underground organisms. Glow worms grow in mass in the depths of Revaliir and are frequently cultivated as light sources by subterranean races.
Grisial Crystal
Luminous and volatile, these shards possess incredible amounts of power. Grisial is highly poisonous if handled without proper protection however the power it gives off lasts indefinitely, making it an ideal power source.
A common herb found in gardens, the fragrant essential oils extracted from the leaves are used in aromatherapy and flavoring hard candies.
Spellbook Page
A faded parchment written in runic symbols. Which spellbook did this one fall out of?
Dwarven Gear
A metallic toothed piece of machinery. Blacksmiths of Batil take great pride in each gear cast from their forges.
Iron Ore
A piece of iron ore. Not very useful now, but maybe it can be combined with other things?
Star Sapphire
A star sapphire is a rare version of a regular sapphire. It appears with a very rare star across the top of it. It is highly coveted and often used in references for light magic.
Vampire Dust
Highly sought by alchemists, the price of a handful is almost worth risking one’s neck for it.
Ghost boogers. Yuck!
Bolt of Silk
A simple piece of silk. Maybe it can be used for something?
Powdered Bone
Dried bones ground into a fine dust.
Blood Ingot
Made from a strange biological ore that is native to Onnen, dragon crimsonite or blood ingot is formed by compressing ash from the Ashlands of that continent with sap from high dragon blood trees - a species of dragon blood trees that form and spread after a regular tree has been exposed to a drop of dragon's blood. When forged into armor, the ore is far tougher than leather, but not to the point of overtaking old-fashioned plate. It is a druid's best friend up until they can acquire a proper witchwood or dragonscale set.
Onnen Wormwood
A silver-green plant used for medicinal purposes and flavoring alcoholic spirits.
A common gem that can be used to craft other things.
Many tiny organisms form this multi-colored jewel of the sea. Once the home of many fish: the coral has been preserved for other uses.
The result when lightning strikes sand.
Shrunken Head
No one is entirely sure how the natives have figured this out. I just hope I'm not next.
Himiria Stardust
Found in the depths of the Valley of Vada, this small collection of glittering dust is a remnant of the legendary star that formed the Himiria Scar. It is typically found outside the monoliths, floating about of its own accord in the darkness.
Sarut de Noapte
A subterranean flower that is just as beautiful as its sap is deadly. One touch is lethal.
Ammolite is a very ancient gemstone made from fossilized shells. It has an opal like appearance making it highly sought after.
Found in oysters these beautiful little gems can make quite the beautiful bracelet or necklace.
Steel Ingot
An ingot that happens when carbon is fused with iron during the smelting process.
Conch Shell
A large shell that can be turned into a horn to summon sea spirits.
Silver Ore
A piece of silver ore. Not very useful now, but maybe it can be combined with other things?
A glassy yellow or sometimes greenish-yellow variety of quartz.
Gem Dust
Rough pieces of pulverized gemstones used as an abrasive.
A gemstone that comes in a variety of colors such as black, green, grey, yellow, red, pink, brown and orange.
Nickel Ore
A piece of nickel ore. Not very useful now, but maybe it can be combined with other things?
This sedimentary rock is made from the fossilized remains of tiny aquatic creatures.
A staple of alchemical concoctions, potash is made by processing wood ashes and evaporating the mixture. The residual salt left behind has many uses and can even act as a leavening agent for baked goods.
Sylph Wings
Often seen only as shimmering lights in the trees of forests, the sylph are mystical fairies with power over wind magic. Their wings, which give them their radiant appearance, shed at various milestones in their lives, and are of value to alchemists for all manner of wind-based potions. These wings provide a minor, elemental enchantment of Wind.
Tin Ore
A piece of tin ore. Not very useful now, but maybe it can be combined with other things?
Phoenix Feather
Rarely do phoenixes leave behind actual feathers, and even rarer do those feathers not burn up. This plume is, therefore, a fleeting beauty, preserved via alchemical means to stave off the flames that should have consumed it in the bird’s nest.
Commune with Beasts
This spell allows the caster to communicate with animals. With great skill, the caster can even convince animals to fight for you; lesser skill sends all animals into a frenzy making them attack even the caster.
Basic Rejuvenation Potion
When consumed, this potion restores the users health by a small amount.
Mass Paralysis
This spell renders multiple targets unable to move or react for a short period of time.
A garden favorite of tropical islanders and botanists.
A soft stone consisting of talc. Often used for crafts.
Petrified Cloud
Pulled down from the sky this cloud has been preserved using powerful magic. Sometimes white and fluffy, sometimes black and containing a potential storm, but never very large in size, that takes too much magic.
Inferos Sunstone
A black stone with a red flourish through it that seems to be constantly swirling, imbued with the power of the blood red sun of Inferos. The stone is set into either a ring or a necklace, and casts an aura of constant regeneration around the wearer. The regeneration is minimal, but can provide protection from minor injuries in times of need.
This is an event prize for Serafina's 2021 God Event: Defiled Decadence.
Armored Clothing
A finely tailored dress or suit that perfectly fits the wearer and is created to their style. Special material is used to keep the weight down, yet the protection of the garment is not to be underestimated. Whatever the material is and no matter how revealing the dress or suit might be, as long as the garment is worn the wearer finds that the clothing acts like a full set of plate armor. How this is achieved is unknown, yet the protection from the garment covers the whole body, even exposed arms or legs, so long as the whole garment is worn.
This is an event prize for Serafina's 2021 God Event: Defiled Decadence.
Fulanian Moss
A thick patch of moss taken from the lakes region.
Rainbow Wool
A soft and fluffy tuft of wool from a sheared papel. It is a prized material for weavers as the color remains vibrant after continuous washes.
A primary source of aluminum, smiths use it often in their craft.
Oceanic Salt
Water is taken from the ocean and boiled down until nothing is left but the salt in the water.
A crystalline gemstone, comes in a very large hue of colors to pick from.
Sticky and tasty honeycomb fresh from a beehive. Mix into a potion for taste, or eat on its own.
Swan Feather
A pristine, delicate feather fallen from a swan.
Mythic Polymorph
This spell allows the caster to take on the form of creatures larger than a bear. Mythic Polymorph can also be used to transform individual parts of your body into parts of the described creatures.
Ice Weaving
This spell allows the caster to manipulate small amounts of snow and ice with their mind.
Flame Strike
This spell allows the caster to direct a blast of fire at a target.
Ice Strike
This spell allows the caster to direct a blast of cold energy at a target.
Sanguine Thread
A particularly powerful spell that forms threads of blood between all blood-containing creatures in a moderate area, causing lacerations and restricted movement. The blood threads disappear after a short amount of time, so it's not as effective as mass paralysis, but the added damage effect is definitely noticeable.
For a short period of time, the caster is able to summon a blizzard around them.
Summon the fires of hell itself, causing massive damage, though at a cost to one's soul.
Nevermelting Icicle
A spike of ice that generates a constant fog and never melts even in intense heat.
Blue Amber
Fossilized resin from an enchanted tree. Residual magic has given it a bluish hue.
Lucky Coin
Always lands on whatever side you think of.
A sharp smelling herb used in exotic dishes. The seeds are mixed with other spices in Abedi’s famous curry.
A semi-precious gemstone prized for its iridescent plays of color.
Barrier of Parvpora
Named after the youngest of the two moons, the Barrier of Parvpora is a contraceptive drink that invokes temporary sterility on the imbiber.
Tonic of Resistance: Fire
When consumed, this unique brew temporarily increased the users resistance against the element of fire.
Fire Meld
The caster melds with fire, keeping them hidden, or protected from heat and fire attacks.
Fire Weaving
This spell allows the caster to manipulate small amounts of fire with their mind.
Shadow’s Edges
A strange set of throwing knives, made from the essence of shadows that were said to be made physical by the King of the Night himself. They are able to be absorbed into the opponent's’ flesh and armor, making it rather difficult to pinpoint the cause of death, should it occur.
Event Prize for Naota and Xunatar's 2018 Deity Event: The Game of Endless Sleep
Noble Ring
A very fine ring made out of precious metal and gemstones.
Gate Travel
This spell allows the caster to open a portal to another location anywhere in Revaliir.
Derrick's Daggers
Once owned by an infamous jongleur with a penchant for playing with chance, when thrown these sinister bone daggers always find their mark.
This is an event prize for the 2020 Anniversary Event: The Witching Hour Fair.
Dragon Pearl
An enchanted gem that was once owned by an Ataiyan dragon. Some say these are miniature versions of the legendary dragon orbs which granted incredible power. One can use this pearl to neutralize most poisons and toxins with a touch once a day. After its power is used, it turns black and loses its luster.
This is an event prize for Shiloh Kyrie's 2020 God Event: Mirage of Kavala.
This spell allows the caster to disappear from sight.
Breath of Ki
This spell allows the caster to breathe underwater, or to give another person that ability.
Aura Sight
This spell allows the caster to sense a magical aura around a person, or to sense another's presence even if the caster cannot see them. Also allows the caster to sense magical presence up to 40 yards away.
This dagger-like weapon has a special handle that allows the blade to rest on the wielder's knuckles. While it can be used as a slashing weapon, a katar is most deadly when is is thrust at an opponent.
"Ain't no laws when you're usin' claws"- Whitney, Administration
Reaper Shroud
A shroud similar to what is used to wrap corpses, the reaper shroud is often favored by necromancers and others wishing to appear in a sinister manner.
Feather Dagger
Oddly the feathers of the Outsider Angels can be forged into weapons with the right mix of metals, though it is not an easy process. One of the first weapons crafted were daggers, created from individual feathers. Daggers made from these feathers have an impossible sharpness to them, are unbreakable, and never dull or rust. Excellent throwing weapons, they fly with great accuracy and will return to the thrower’s hand with a simple command.
This is an event prize for Sirona's 2020 God Event: The Revolution of Light.
Miniature Orb of Darkness
A small orb of solid shadow. Those who wish to combat the light and restore the balance of night and day need only hold it close in the presence of the Angelic Statue on Welayta and the orb will drain away the light magic within.
This is an event prize for Sirona's 2020 God Event: The Revolution of Light.
Elixir of Mother's Love
This is a specialized gift for everyone who wishes to challenge the spire. Angela has poured her whole heart and her love for the world into a single source. Those who consume the potion will gain an aura of protection allowing them to transverse the void safely without being attacked by the environment. The effect wanes over time so one must always be wary how much they have left. This brew does refill once a day by itself.
“My sweet child, I hope that my whole heart can protect you against true evil. Though I have not birthed you I have watched you grow since the beginning and love you all the same.” - Angela to those younger than her.
This is an event prize for Angela Rose’s 2020 God Event: The Revenant Chrysalis.
Goddess Cube
A beautifully decorated stained glass puzzle box made in platinum, this acts as a portable storage device akin to Reynash’s Endless Bag. The sides of the box bear symbols and related imagery of the goddesses of Life and Luck.
This item is an event prize for Shiloh and Angela’s 2018 Deity Event: Lunacy of the Deep
Moral Compass
A black and white dagger with a compass attached to the hilt. Rather than pointing to a direction, the compass indicates the moral standing, or alignment, of those nearest to the holder. In the event that a person's alignment is True Neutral, the compass spins wildly.
Award for Dalanesca's 2016 event: Restore the Balance!
Yoyuki's Quiver
A magical quiver enchanted to never run out of arrows, replenishing its stock once all have been used. The arrows produced inflict temporary paralysis on targets. This quiver has a max of 15 arrows you can use per thread.
This is an event prize for Naota and Shiloh's 2018 event Night of a Thousand Phantasms.
Moliira's Poison Vials
These poison vials are carved from gems and chased in steel, and contain small amounts of liquid. It only takes a single drop from each vial to create a deadly poison, but the manner of death varies depending on which bottles are used.
Progressive Timedeath Brew
The more common of two sister potions, the Progressive Timedeath Brew can advance the age of an imbiber. Take care not to drink too much, for gluttonous humans have been known to turn to dust.
Seed Pouch With Sling
These specialized seeds have been handed out with a slingshot. People have been instructed to try and hit as many Eldritch beings as possible. The seed pouch seems to be never ending… I wonder what will happen with them.
This is an event prize for the 2019 Anniversary Event: Interitus: A Tale of Mortals and World's End
Water Meld
The caster melds with water, keeping them hidden, or protected from water-based attacks.
Water Weaving
This spell allows the caster to manipulate small amounts of water with their mind.
Shadow Cast
This spell manipulates the shadows around the caster to be used to create illusions against their targets.
This spell allows the caster to instantly move to another location, so long as they can see their intended destination.
Galvanic Weaving
This spell allows the caster to manipulate small amounts of electricity and lightning with their mind.
Arcane Empower
This spell supernaturally enhances the target's magickal ability much like the similar spells Strength and Lesser Agility.
A rope consists of fibers which have been twisted or braided together in order to combine them into a larger and stronger form.
Sapphire Sword
A beautifully smithed blade made from sapphires that has a chilling aura to it. It is most likely carved by the dwarves of Baltil. The blade itself glows like a thousand stars.
2015 Christmas Advent Calendar: Day 7
Book of the Daydreamer
An old and worn book with a beautiful leather cover. It appears as if it would hold many tales of old, but the pages are blank. Resting in the middle of the book is a beautiful quill made out of a peacock feather. When the two are used together, the story that is written in the book will come to life around the user, but the words disappear into the book. When the writer stops, the effect only last a moment longer before it disappears like it was never there.
Rhea's 2016 Event: Stories of Love
A lump of potter’s clay. Often used for crafts.
Aloe Vera
This spiny succulent is used in medicine for its soothing properties. The flesh of its leaves has a gel like consistency and is a common ingredient for sweetened summer drinks.
Crystallized Hellfire
Usually found in the depths Revaliir’s hottest volcanos, these shards occur rarely and are as hard as diamonds. Apoy is a popular spot to find them, but those who go looking are frequently never seen again. It is not uncommon to find a lost journal next to lava rivers from foolish adventurers who were unprepared. The hellfire provides a minor, elemental enchantment of Fire.
Causes the victim to become physically weakened.
Sins of the Father: Sloth
A person affected by this spell will suffer a lack of motivation and energy, and will usually result in dire neglect of duties, themselves, and those around them. It also makes them very easy to convince, particularly to look the other way or offer simple payment for easy tasks.
Duration: 5 hours
Only 1 Sin spell can be cast a day due to the potency of the spell.
However, if one desires a NPC can also cast 1 sin spell a day as well.

In his sloth, the father did little to improve himself. With those around him forced to do his work, he soon lost his skills, and his wit. None remained that believed him worthy of anything he possessed.
This spell renders a single target unable to move or react for a short period of time.
Durian Spines
Spines from the infamous ‘king of fruit’. Why did nature think this was a good idea?
A semi-precious gemstone used to craft other things. Rubies and sapphires are in the corundum family as well as many others. Often corundum is called by its color and not its real name.
Jua Sapphire
This rare variety of sapphire comes in varying hues of pink instead of the more commonly seen yellow or blue.
Dryad Bark
A rare form of bark that forest nymphs shed in secret groves during the first days of Venti every year. The bark looks remarkably like skin, and has a strong, earthy scent capable of overwhelming more sensitive noses.
Quatl Feather
The tail feather from a rare feathered dragon found in the tropical regions of Revaliir.
Wyvern's Heart
A heart torn straight from a wyvern that has been kept beating from exposure to mana.
Dragon Scale
Pulled off the body of a mighty dragon, this scale can be used for crafting.
Rose Hip
The beginnings of a rose, this rose hip is an exceptionally healthy specimen. It can either be planted or ground up for herbalism purposes.
A piece of leather. Maybe it can be used for something?
A simple block of wood. Maybe it can be used for something?
Obsidian Shard
This black shard is actually volcanic glass. It can be used for various crafts.
Lump of Coal
A hard packed ball of coal that can be used for crafting. Can also be used to burn for a fire.
Gemstone Fish
Native to the Xhosa Archipelago, these fish are known for their crystalline bodies and iridescent scales. Their bright colors warn potential predators that they are highly toxic.
Eternal Leaf
A freshly picked leaf from Jasumin painted in the rich colors of Venti.
Hell Hound
This infernal canine is slightly larger than a typical dog. It has an unholy aura, and is able to use magic.
-can cast
Found dwelling in both the forest and tundras of the world, wolves are versatile pack hunters in the wild, though occasionally tamed by the brave souls who can befriend them.
Abalone Shell
The shell from a sea snail or other such creature the inside of which once polished, can create beautifully colored patterns on the shell. Often used in jewelry and decorations.
Bottled Hellfire
A small vial containing pure Hellfire. It can be used to enchant a weapon of the user’s choice with the powers of Hellfire for a brief time. This enchantment is much stronger than those provided by the bits of crystallized Hellfire found through Revaliir. The vial itself has been enchanted so that the Hellfire replenishes itself, allowing the user to enchant their weapon once every week. (Provides a major elemental enchantment of fire. Can be used once weekly.)
This is an event prize for Serafina's 2021 God Event: Defiled Decadence.
A silvery blue metal with diamond like properties. It was once strong chains created by the Goddess Angela to hold back the Goddess Dalanesca. Now the metal has all but lost it's magical properties but is still the strongest metal in all of Revaliir.
Gold Ore
A piece of gold ore. Not very useful now, but maybe it can be combined with other things?
A screaming root that typically grows next to graves. Their cries are painful even as infants, and their volume only gets worse with age. The especially ancient ones can cause deafness.
Shadow Cloth
Cloth tainted by copious amounts of spectral energy, shadow cloth comes from banshees and other, higher wraiths. Few are the people that can acquire it, for the fabric must be extracted from the subject while it is still “alive,” and the process almost never occurs with a willing subject.
Raine's Bluebell
Created as the first real project given to Angela’s avatar Raine this bluebell flower has sapphire gemstone petals and when moved or shaken rings like a clear bell. True to her status as Revaliir’s Bird Ambassador and “Bird Rights Activist Leader” this bell summons doves. Why you would want to do such a thing… Who knows.

“Revaliir, please forgive me...” - Angela

A pre-event item for Angela Rose’s 2021 Valentine’s Day Event.
Lucky Crescent
A silver coin infused with a bit of luck by the Goddess Shiloh. In order for it to work it has to be inside your shoe while wearing it… Weird just like her. It has a ferret stamped on it.

A pre-event item for Angela Rose’s 2021 Valentine’s Day Event.
Angela's Golden Cornucopia
Golden fireflies float around this solid gold cornucopia at all times. These graceful little bugs keep the cornucopia floating whenever it is not in use so that it is not violated by any tainted surface it may be around. Flowing from it is a rush of green magic like a roaring waterfall. The magic falls and dissipates into nothingness. It is owned by the Mother and a very sacred object… Why she agreed to let you borrow it… Only she would know.

The Golden Cornucopia provides a healing aura to not only the holder but also the area surrounding it. It is capable of healing or providing food but not both at the same time. In the hands of a mortal it’s capabilities are small but helpful. Use it wisely for the affects only last a short time and it takes time to gather Angela’s vast magicks.

A Pre-Event Award for Angela Rose’s 2021 Valentine’s Day Event.
Living Amulet
A beautifully crafted necklace with a radiant gemstone pendant. It feels warm almost like a hug, like it had only just almost gotten done cooling from the warm forge it was crafted from. It seems to emit a soft light and a small heartbeat comes from it.
A pre-event award for Angela Rose's 2021 Valentine's Day Event
Angela's Crystal Chalice
A beautiful chalice made from ancient crystal. The stem of this chalice is made out of abalone shell pulled from shells found in the deepest part of the ocean. This chalice can turn any toxin into its antidote but one must have enough toxin to effectively make a good antidote.
Angela Rose's 2015 Event: A Mother's Wish
Ilifu Earrings
A fashionable accessory that was created from the weeping clouds over Maisha Maua, these earrings hold the power to create a powerful shrouding mist that negates the use of offensive magic in it's area. Be cautioned, the mist can only absorb so much magic before it becomes unstable, and anyone who is caught in it may suffer a mana shock.
This is an Event prize for Staff's 2021 World Event: Draconic Insurrection.
A promise that must be fulfilled or bad things will happen to the one that broke it. Used primarily for deals. If the promise goes unbroken for extended periods of time, death is said to unfold but no one can confirm. A gaes can only be performed between willing parties. Gaes can also be broken by divine intervention and strong will.
Midnight Dial
Make any time of day the witching hour with this magical contraption! Turning the dial in this pendant will transform a set area into nighttime for a short while. The effects last for fifteen minutes, and it takes half an hour for the dial to reset before it can be used again.
This is an event prize for the 2020 Anniversary Event: The Witching Hour Fair.
Blade of Dancing Heat
This knife is formed of a unique metal that can put out various degrees of heat according to the wielder's wishes. It can even become hot enough to instantly cauterize wounds.
Rhylana’s 2015 Event Item, Everything Burns
Eye of Nightmare
A cursed object in the form of a nightmare’s eye that can be used to make victims experience night terrors, feeding that fear into a source of magic for the owner. “Don’t look back, keep on running! It’s the eye of the nightmare, it’s the terror of the night--chasing down lone travelers in the Harena…”
This is an event prize for the 2020 Anniversary Event: The Witching Hour Fair.
One of the most powerful, non-epic spells that exist, resurrection allows the caster to bring the dead back to life. Casters can also cast it on themselves for a whole day as a safety precaution and they will be resurrected should they die. However, buyer be warned: anyone who resurrects another will either have to make a sacrifice or find themselves incredibly drained.
Reverse Gravity
The gravity of the caster or non-living object they are touching has their gravity reversed. A heavy object becomes light and a light object becomes heavy. This is a draining spell after a long duration so flight isn't advised that's how most people who try to use this spell die, after all.
This spell allows the user to see targets that are invisible
Shadow Meld
This spell allows the caster to shroud themselves into the shadows of their surroundings. The effectiveness of the meld is depended on the amount of shadows supplied in the area.
Sins of the Father: Lust
The affected sentient being becomes overcome with lust, to the point where they may desire people they would otherwise not even consider. Has a number of malicious uses, but the most practical include making someone more susceptible to being seduced, and is particularly potent when coupled with a charm spell.
Duration: 5 hours
Only 1 Sin spell can be cast a day due to the potency of the spell.
However, if one desires a NPC can also cast 1 sin spell a day as well.

The father’s lust was insatiable, and he took what women he wished. The bastards he left behind and the poor women who begot them were left in the dirt, drops of his own blood resenting him.
Sins of the Father: Wrath
Those who are afflicted by this spell will begin to feel intense anger, making them prone to violence. It also makes them very easy to misdirect, and their anger can be exploited to make the target cause harm on your behalf.
Duration: 5 hours
Only 1 Sin spell can be cast a day due to the potency of the spell.
However, if one desires a NPC can also cast 1 sin spell a day as well.

The father, ever wroth, was liberal with the use of sword and whip. And for each drop of blood spilled, his enemies vowed to claim two from him.
Spectral Blades
This spell summons several small, ethereal daggers that fly at a target.
Telepathic Bond
Stronger than the regular telepathy spell this spell allows for two or many to be bonded by the caster. They can telepathically communicate over long ranges as long as there is no interference.
Greater Agility
Not only heightens one’s speeds, but allows them great balance and the ability to land on one’s feet from high height. This spell also allows the ability to walk on walls and ceilings for the duration of ten minutes.
Fog Cover
Fog is conjured to cover where the caster wants. This fog obscures even the best vision but can only obscure the best vision for a few minutes before their eyes adjust. This allows for the caster to get away or find a safe place to hide... Or if one is daring enough, allows one to get an attack of opportunity.
This spell supernaturally weakens the target's strength, dexterity, and magickal ability.
This spell allows the user to adapt their body to the temperature of their surroundings. It provides no outward change in physical characteristics or other racial traits.
Wind Weaving
This spell allows the caster to manipulate small amounts of air with their mind.
Funera Uxori
This dagger was made in the mental landscape of Simone’s mind and somehow became reality. The handle and sheath crafted from her bone and the translucent blade from her crystallized blood. Because it was forged for Lewis it has two modes that it can use:
Simone’s Blood: Imbues the dagger with fire.
Lewis’s Blood: Imbues the dagger with ice.

Once the ability is used it will take more blood to imbue it once more. If they are in soul resonance the dagger will take the imbuing of both fire and ice for a combined attack. When swinging the dagger around in it’s regular form the dagger leaves a glowing red trail.
Should anyone other than Lewis and Simone hold the dagger they will feel the dagger vibrating with two heartbeats.
Soul Resonance
When Simone and Lewis are on equal wavelengths they are able to combine her magic with his body as they become one. They are far stronger in this form but due to their conflicting personalities are not able to sustain it for long.
Lewis will gain traits of Simone's phoenix form while their resonance is active.
Simone's soul inhabits Lewis's body for the duration of the resonance.
Pendant of Remembrance
Using this pendant Lewis is able to restore memories to anyone. However, he must have witnessed what he is restoring or else the spell will fail. This was a gift from the Goddess Angela since Simone forgets almost everything upon her revival.
Leather Gorget
Protection for the neck area made of leather.
Leather Pauldrons
Pauldrons made of cured leather, with spiked decor.
Leather Leggings
Leg armor made of leather, it offers protection without limiting mobility.
Shadow Weaving
This spell allows the caster to manipulate small amounts of shadow with their mind.
Shadow Puppet
This spell summons fiends from the shadow plane for a brief time.
A little belt pouch for one to put their coins or jewelry into.
Increases the physical strength of the user for a short time.
This spell poisons a single target, draining their strength and stamina until the target is cured or the spell's effects wear off.
Phantasmal Daydream
Target imagines some enemy, object, or phenomenon for only a few minutes. This spell can be resisted by those who are strong enough. Caster must target someone within their line of sight.
Mind Tower
This spell allows the caster to better resist and defend against mental attacks and intrusions, such as charm spells, telepathy, or similar psionic magicks.
A short, bladed weapon with a sharp point. Can be used to slash or pierce an enemy.
Version of a dagger carried by the Samurai of Ataiyo. Crafted with a flat blade like a katana. Can be used for stabbing or slashing. Women of Ataiyo conceal tantos in their obis for protection, or perhaps darker intentions
Throwing Knives
A set of small knives with weighted handles, intended for throwing at an opponent.
A hardy pack, with two straps that allow it to be worn on one's back. It's ideal for carrying supplies while on the move.
A basic light source, a torch is usually a stick with a combustible material at one end, which is then set ablaze.
Fauna Atlas
A tattered atlas detailing all of the creatures that reside in Revaliir. An excellent pick up for those who are always on the road.
Quiver of Elemental Arrows
A medium pack of arrows that have been magically charged with different elemental effects. These arrows deal minor elemental damage. Each arrow can only do one element at a time. Meaning you can't have fire and water damage on the same arrow.
This pack has a max of 25 elemental arrows you can use per thread unless you roleplay buying more.
Lucina's Moonlight Lantern
This lantern was made by the fallen goddess Lucina. She was once considered a saint among the people of Parvpora before the Tree was tainted. She would light the way home for sailors using the moon. She created these lanterns to ward off the evil of her conclave siblings. When the tree became tainted these delicate stained glass lanterns were hidden so she could not destroy them.
Can see through darkness made by magic by ten feet.
Event Prize for The Abedian Festival of Color 2016.
Arc of Want
A pendulum that points its owner to what their heart truly wants.
This is an event prize for Angela and Dalanesca's 2018 event A Mortal's Heart.
Opal Petrified Wood
Thousands of years ago this stone was actually a tree. Fire opal can be found growing within from water filling the cracks while it was alive.
Common Trousers
Sometimes called pants, this garment is worn on the lower body, and covers the legs. These trousers are long and extend down to the ankles.
Common Tunic
A simple garment which might resemble a long shirt that stops somewhere between the wearer's hips and ankles. The sleeves may be long or short, depending on the local climate.
Disarm Trap
This spell magickally disarms most nonmagical traps, rendering them safe.
Grappling Hook
This hooked metal device is meant to be attached to a rope. It can then be thrown, and secures the rope in place.
This spell allows the caster to change their physical appearance.
Lesser Agility
This spell grants the ability to move at heightened speeds.
Thieves' Tools
A set of lock-picking tools, essential for any thief.
Ethereal Bow
A lightweight bow with a special enchantment; all arrows loosed from it fly through the air with deadly accuracy regardless of wind or weather. It was crafted by a team of rangers and alchemists from Karith so the winds of the flying city did not hamper their performance.
Leather Cuirass
Chest armor made of cured leather.
Leather Vambraces
Reinforced leather armguards, they provide protection without sacrificing flexibility.
A long length of fabric, sometimes woven material, worn on the body. It may be used to in many ways, such as around the neck, waist, shoulders, and even over the head.
Simple, sturdy footwear, usually made of leather.
A heavy outer garment, this overcoat offers excellent protection from the elements.
A basic garment worn on the upper body. This shirt is well but simply-made.

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