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Lan Ying
Early 20s
Possessed Human
Wandering Minstrel/Exorcist
The real Kinnara

All About Lan Ying

The Bluebird and the Magpie:

An attractive young woman from the streets of Jayou, Lan Ying is dressed in a mixture of stylish and common clothes. Her long black hair is often pulled back in a ponytail by a red braided cord or whatever she has on hand at the moment. Dark eyes with a glimmer of mischief dart about above a cheeky smile. Her manners aren't ladylike and her attitude is carefree, accompanied by a talkative mouth. Excitable, friendly, and quite the chatterbox–Lan Ying lives up to her nickname 'Magpie'. Living on the streets in a place like Jayou taught her to be clever while keeping an optimistic outlook on life. She shares the river city's love of color and curiosity towards the unusual and strange, getting her into interesting situations from sticking her nose where it didn't belong.

She isn't one for staying in a single place for long or making big plans. As long as she has a warm place to sleep, good company, and a few swigs of wine–she can call anywhere 'home'. Like a bird, she is a free spirit bound only by her ideals and a wanderlust for adventure. She doesn't hold grudges and thinks others should do the same. After all, holding resentment and anger is pretty tiring. No matter how bad things might seem, surely the bluebird of happiness will come to you.

Happiness Will Surely Arrive for You:

Lan Ying (嵐英) was an orphan as far as she could remember. One of the many street urchins living in the prosperous river city, life wasn't easy for a child without parents or a guardian. She'd dress as a boy for her own safety and followed other groups of abandoned kids to scavenge off what the wealthy threw out. Sometimes they would swipe little things like food or a few coins, but nothing valuable enough to draw attention. It was a hard life in such a beautiful city, but she kept a smile on her face. If today wasn't a good day, then tomorrow would be better. On the colder nights she'd huddle with the other children as the older ones would tell stories to help them fall asleep. One of her favorites was about a child who had a sick mother who went to find a magical blue bird who could grant wishes. In the story the child faced many hardships, but in the end they found the bird who gave them a single feather to help the mother get well. That bit of hope was what kept her going when times were tough.

While others dreamed of being kings, princes, and princesses–she dreamed of finding that blue bird and asking it for a wish. And one fateful day, a strange turn of events would change her life forever. Living in Jayou it's easy to tell if someone isn't a local. The street urchins would often target tourists since there was less risk of being caught than picking the pockets of a resident. One lazy summer afternoon, she and a few kids spied a group exorcists stepping off a barge. One of them was holding something large wrapped up in cloth bound by beads. Lanying wondered what it was, and she followed them to the inn they stayed in for the night. In the quiet lull of the early hours of the morning, she slipped in and went to take a peek at the bundle. Tucked within the folds of the silk cloth was a beautiful lute, smooth and white like polished jade. The moment she touched its strings, a burst of spectral energy was released–knocking her unconscious.

When she finally came to, faces of the exorcists were staring down at her. The leader of the exorcists informed her that she had been out cold for three days after being possessed by the bewitched instrument. They had planned to conduct a ritual to separate it from her spirit when she suddenly awoke, and at that moment the elder believed this to be an auspicious sign from the stars. Lanying was adopted into the sect where she was taught the basics of exorcism. She then developed her own unique style, channeling her power through a variety of instruments to purify and expel evil. Leaving the sect, she traveled as a wandering exorcist for hire while playing music as a minstrel on the side. Soon being an entertainer became her full-time job as she had little renown, but if there was a chance for her to show her skills, she'd jump at it. That chance came when she heard a rumor on the street about the heir of a merchant family being cursed.

She found the house and convinced the family to hire her, promising to find the source of the problem. It wasn't uncommon for families to sabotage their rivals through underhanded methods, curses being one of them. She began her investigation, forcing her way into the room where the Yang family's eldest son had isolated himself. At the time Mingyi had fallen into a deep depression after the symptoms of the curse manifested. His appearance began to gradually change and he became unable to stand in daylight. Fearful of losing their reputation, the family of his arranged fiancee broke off the engagement and people were voicing their concerns about the Yang family's succession. This combined with the pressure he had endured as the family's heir led to outbursts of anger as he felt the world had abandoned him. His family kept their distance as he was moved out of the main house and soon even his own servants were afraid of coming near him. That was when he met Lanying.

Though she was a novice, she knew right away he wasn't a monster. Using her lute, she performed a rite of purification and his appearance became human. All seemed well until the next day the effects returned. Finding it strange, Lanying began searching for more clues on the nature of the curse. It wasn't overtly malicious as his life wasn't in danger, but it was unusually persistent. Every day she would pay the Yang family's scion a visit to play her music and the curse would lessen for a while, however the family was growing impatient at her lack of progress. On the seventh day of being hired as an exorcist, the family's guards barred her from entry when she came to check on the son. They told her she had been dismissed and that the Yang family had hired someone else to do the job. Unable to bargain, she used her magic to sneak in through a blind spot and found the doors and windows to Mingyi's house had been boarded up. Sensing something was afoot, she climbed her way in through a high window they had missed to find Mingyi angry at her. He believe she had abandoned him thinking he was a lost cause while Lanying was desperately trying to get him to listen.

In a last ditch effort to get through to him, she told Mingyi what had happened to her at the gate. She told him of how she had been turned away and that the outside of his house was now nailed shut with planks. Then she told him the awful truth–his family had hired another exorcist to kill him. Gathering whatever valuables and keepsakes in the room that she could carry, Lanying helped him escape before a group of Yang family guards set fire to the house. Before they left she threw together a decoy talisman in his place. Once the embers died down the new exorcist that was hired purged the area, pronouncing the eldest son of the house dead. The two fled into the night, and they have been on the road ever since.

Talents and Abilities:

Despite being almost illiterate, the power Lanying obtained upon being possessed makes her a talented exorcist in her own right. She can channel her spiritual energy through instruments, using them to cast spells. Being a possessed human, her sensitivity to magic is greater than the average person. In addition the enchanted lute has granted her mastery over sound itself, giving her acute hearing and the ability to manipulate its intensity. She can make her footsteps completely silent and weaponize her music to create sonic attacks. Each instrument in her repertoire has unique abilities and she switches between them depending on the situation.


  • Pipa Lute (Ianorin's Sitar)
  • Erhu (Ianorin's Sitar)
  • Dizi Flute
  • Guqin Zither (Mother's Harp/Skyshard Lyrebow)


  • Yang Mingyi (楊明毅) - Close friend, 'Assistant'

Human Appearance (Day):

Spirit Appearance (Night):

Ballad of the Bluebird:

Greater Banish
This spell allows for the removal of several minor elementals and summonings, or one summoned demon or angel, from this realm
Bottle of Wine
A bottle filled with an alcoholic drink typically made from fermented grapes or other fruit.
A finely crafted object that a lady would usually carry to keep the sun off of her.
Living Amulet
A beautifully crafted necklace with a radiant gemstone pendant. It feels warm almost like a hug, like it had only just almost gotten done cooling from the warm forge it was crafted from. It seems to emit a soft light and a small heartbeat comes from it.
A pre-event award for Angela Rose's 2021 Valentine's Day Event
The bard is a jack of all trades, a rogue with a glib tongue and a talent for music. They can fight, as well as cast minor magics.
Comes with Boots, Common Trousers, Common Tunic, Cap, Mask, Dagger, Drum, Flute, Horn, Lute, Tambourine, Backpack, Blank Scrolls, Fan, Map, Quill and Ink, Sheet Music, and Song Bird.
-can cast
Straight from Ataiyo, kimonos are beautiful garment crafted with love and care. They come in a variety of colors and fabrics. All of the women's come with an obi as well.
Warding Talismans
Slips of paper with written incantations used by priests. They emit a holy aura that repels evil. Particularly effective against spectral beings and the undead.
A spell which creates harmless, stationary copies of the user, while the user themselves are teleported to blend in with the illusion.
Gate Travel
This spell allows the caster to open a portal to another location anywhere in Revaliir.
Dragonic Bellow
With this spell, the caster’s shouts are magnified into powerful bursts, able to both knock down enemies and obstacles and can invoke fear.
This is an event prize for Xunatar's 2017 event: The Ignius Paradox Event
This spell allows the caster to instantly move to another location, so long as they can see their intended destination.
Starry Night Robes
These robes appear to be weaved from the night sky itself. They shift with the elegant art of the stars.
2015 Christmas Advent Calendar: Day 9
Mass Dispel
This spell will negate the effect of multiple spells on a target, or one area-of-effect spell.
Multiple targets are afforded supernatural protection against magickal and physical attacks.
This spell removes all simple curses, diseases, and other temporary status inflictions.
Lesser Banish
This spell is used to eliminate a single minor elemental or summoning from this realm. It cannot be used to remove a summoned demon or angel.
Safe Passage
This spell relocates the caster or a target away to a random safe location nearby.
Summon Item
The caster summons an item, normally armor or weapons, that they own from the aether.
Siren's Song
A powerful spell in which the user sings a beautiful melody that causes its victims to become hypnotised or even lured to sleep. In order for it to take full effect, the user must concentrate solely on the song or it will be ineffective.
These light shoes are delicate, easy to put on.
A hardy pack, with two straps that allow it to be worn on one's back. It's ideal for carrying supplies while on the move.
Blank Scrolls
Made of paper or parchment, these scrolls are ideal for writing on.
Simple, sturdy footwear, usually made of leather.
A sweet hat. It even has a feather in it!
Common Trousers
Sometimes called pants, this garment is worn on the lower body, and covers the legs. These trousers are long and extend down to the ankles.
Common Tunic
A simple garment which might resemble a long shirt that stops somewhere between the wearer's hips and ankles. The sleeves may be long or short, depending on the local climate.
A short, bladed weapon with a sharp point. Can be used to slash or pierce an enemy.
A percussion instrument consisting of a piece of animal skin stretched over a base. It may be played with sticks or hands.
An object made of feathers or cloth stretched between sturdy spokes, it is often used to keep one's self cool.
A wooden rod that is hollowed out with holes carved in. If one places their fingers over the holes, it makes sounds when on blows into the mouth piece.
This instrument is typically conical in shape, and sometimes curved. A person typically blows into the smaller end, and the sound is amplified.
This parchment shows a region of Revaliir, or the entire world. It is useful for navigating.
This mask is crafted typically for one's face. It may be used for protection, disguise, or even entertainment.
Quill and Ink
A writing implement made from a long feather, used by dipping the tip into a pot of dyed liquid.
Sheet Music
Delicate pages of parchment inked with musical notes for any musician to play or sing from.
Song Bird
A small animal with wings, capable of flight. Many species of birds are known for their melodious songs.
A musical instrument with pairs of metal cymabls attached to a frame. Most tambourines also have a drumhead stretched across the frame.
Noble Necklace
A fancy necklace made out of precious metal and gems.
Noble Earrings
Fancy earrings made out of precious stone and metal.
Noble Cloak
This noble cloak is crafted from the finest threads to bring class and dignity. It, also, has a hood to protect the wearer's hair.
Noble Bracelet
A high price bracelet probably worth a fortune. Crafted from the finest rubies and gold.
Noble Dress
This women's dress is well made from the finest cloth. The gown is long and the bodice is embroidered.
Bottle of Perfume
A delicate bottle filled with perfume.
Make-Up Box
Inside this box are various face paints, powders, coals, and similar cosmetics.
Scented Candles
When lit, these candles fill the room with a pleasant aroma.
This heavy, woolen cloak offers its wearer warmth and protection from the elements. It also has a hood, which can be drawn up to make the wearer seem more mysterious.
Mind Tower
This spell allows the caster to better resist and defend against mental attacks and intrusions, such as charm spells, telepathy, or similar psionic magicks.
Chaliese’s Lucky Belt
Fashioned much like the belt of a belly-dancer, it has many silver coins hanging from it. The coins jingle together creating the rhythm that the pirate was known for. It was rumored that if one heard the music of the coins, their fortune would be gone in a fortnight. No one ever caught the famous pirate before her disappearance. She left behind only her lucky belt. Provides good luck to the wearer.
Rose Cloak
Sewn together from roses from the Bakulaw Isle, this large floral cloak is a status symbol of grace and beauty. It is enchanted never to wilt nor fade. The petals are like the finest silk.
Mystical Mushroom
A mushroom found growing in the Feeorin Forest that has a little trick to it. It can do five things to yourself or an enemy, as long as they eat it. (At random)
1. Puke live butterflies for an hour. 2. Tell the truth(no matter what) for an hour. 3. Grow a luscious beard. 4. Your entire body begins to feel like its being tickled and you lose yourself in uncontrollable laughter for an hour. 5. Uncontrollable singing and dancing for an hour.
Canelux’s Circlet
The symbol of the Terra Equinox. Made out of precious stones and metal. Rests gently upon one's head. Features the waxing and full moon status of Canelux. Increases one’s magic ability when Canelux is out.
Tailoring Kit
A small box with needles and spools of thread, used for sewing.
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? Can be large or compact. Intended for people all over to view their pretty faces.
This spell allows the caster to seem more endearing to the target, and the target is more receptive to the caster's suggestions or ideas.
Arcane Empower
This spell supernaturally enhances the target's magickal ability much like the similar spells Strength and Lesser Agility.
Concussive Blast
The caster hurls a strong gust of wind at a target that is capable of inflicting blunt damage and disorienting opponents.
Air Meld
The caster melds with the air around them keeping them hidden, or protected, from air-based attacks.
Faerie Fire
This spells causes its caster to outline their target in light of any color of their choice. The target can be animate or inanimate.
Wind Weaving
This spell allows the caster to manipulate small amounts of air with their mind.
Light Weaving
This spell allows the caster to manipulate small amounts of light with their mind.
Ianorin’s Sitar
Ianorin was a legendary bard from Endopano. His songs filled the courts of all major kingdoms. He loved to play all kinds of instruments, but his favorite by far was the sitar. He went to great lengths to have one enchanted to play without him touching the strings. Eventually, all that remained were his legends and his sitar.
Enchanted to play by itself just by using keywords. This sitar is also capable of being used as a conduit, like a wand, to send spells farther away than normally possible. The downside is that the spells are weaker the farther they travel and the user must be playing it for it to work. The spell ends when the user stops playing the sitar.
Corrina's Sash
Corrina was a Celestial of few words. She was one of the basic structures in the creation of the world. She represented peace among her father and siblings. The world was her mother but the world was silent. When her siblings and father fought she would wrap her celestial sash around them and let clarity and peace come to them. This sash was one of legend and it stretched far across the skies engulfing the world. However, when the Celestials disappeared from the world the sash fell from the skies and was cut up for people. This sash when placed around people can make their anger dwindle and they can talk with a certain clarity. It also can heal those in its loving embrace.
Scarab Choker
These scarab shaped ornaments are made from the bodies of the live scarabs that infested the resurrected capital of Aysut. Even in death, they maintain a portion of their master's call, but that call has been bent by the magics of the living. Anyone wearing these chokers can temporarily command the scarab piece to duplicate itself into a small group of illusory scarabs. These scarabs will have eye-shaped hieroglyphics on the back of their shells that the caster can see through, and, so long as the spell remains active, they are completely under said person's control.
Event prize for the 2017 Halloween Event, Ripples of Time: Nahda
Vada Carol
This oratory spell allows the user to create displays of miniature, aurora borealis, but was not originally developed by the Vada people despite its namesake. The magic behind it comes from Zet’ski, where the half-angels used it to bring in the New Year. It was only after the spell started being used to defend against Void creatures in the Valley of Vada that its origin was forgotten.
Song of Festivity
Anyone within a small radius of the caster begins to dance, immediately forgetting any reason they were upset or angry.
Living Color Spellbook
Developed in the Land of Colors, also known as Abed, this spellbook has the power to make all spells cast through it visible and in an array of many colors. Spells done in song suddenly have the lyrics and notes appearing in vibrant color leaving the lips and instrument of its user.
A complimentary prize for both the Ad-venturous Competition and Write Something Beautiful Contest.
Arc of Want
A pendulum that points its owner to what their heart truly wants.
This is an event prize for Angela and Dalanesca's 2018 event A Mortal's Heart.
Rainbow Phoenix
Representing life's miracle at work. This gorgeous survivor of time glows brilliant colors across it's majestic feathers.
Event prize for Adraejen and Angela’s 2018 God Event Miracle Magic.
Mother's Harp
A beautifully crafted harp made from specially tended rose bushes. This harp can amplify any magic that is cast while playing it. The rose on this harp is always vibrant like The Mother herself.
Angela Rose's 2015 Event: A Mother's Wish
This spell creates a small but destructive vortex of wind controlled by the caster.
Yume no Kizuna
A coupling of amulets that when worn can allow both wearers to enter each other's dreams for brief communication. Can only be used while both parties are asleep.
Event Prize for Naota and Xunatar's 2018 Deity Event: The Game of Endless Sleep
Everstar Music Box
Made from powerful magic and magically sensitive materials, these stained glass, music boxes glow from the inside out and can record a message or music for the user. They are often given as gifts to loved ones and friends.
Constellation Bracelet
Unlike normal compasses, the constellation bracelet does not point toward the north pole. Instead, it points toward the north star, and only at night. There is also a lighted background on it to help the user see the needle.
Temperature Beach Wear
Originally invented by rogue Hiafae tailors, these outfits will change the temperature of the closest water to whatever the wearer desires. You can go diving around Itjivut without feeling cold in these!
Neolani’s Hairpin
Neolani was a beautiful mermaid from Feeorin Forest who specialized in underwater magicks. She crafted this hairpin out of pearls and other objects that have made it into the lake city. It’s enchantment amplifies hydromancy of all kinds.
Enhances water magic.
Tempest's Fury
The power of a small lightning storm contained within, these orbs can be found scattered throughout Railoch. To most, they are merely oddities, causing the hair on one’s head to stand up when holding them. To mages, however, they are power sources, capable of enhancing lightning magics. The Tempest’s Fury provides a minor, elemental enchantment of Lightning.
Goddess Cube
A beautifully decorated stained glass puzzle box made in platinum, this acts as a portable storage device akin to Reynash’s Endless Bag. The sides of the box bear symbols and related imagery of the goddesses of Life and Luck.
This item is an event prize for Shiloh and Angela’s 2018 Deity Event: Lunacy of the Deep
Bottled Shiranui
A willowisp captured in a bottle. When released it emits a phosphorescent glow and can multiply quickly. Unlike most light sources it does not consume fuel or release heat. Max of 10 wisps at a time per thread.
This is an event prize for Naota and Shiloh's 2018 event Night of a Thousand Phantasms.
Skyshard Lyrebow
A slightly larger than normal lyre made of skyshards, exquisitely crafted and refined its music is sublime. However, the shape of the lyre is that a bow, for in fact the strings, also of skyshard, can be used to fire arrows. The instrument/weapon can create its own magical arrows with each drawing of its seven strings, if one is capable of pulling back that many. Normal arrows can be used as well as is recommended as the magical arrows aren't that powerful, more as a last resort. A finely crafted work of art and weapons combined to make any bard or musician comfortable they are always able to defend themselves.
This is an event prize for Staff's 2018 Anniversary event Negation Order: Exterminate the Moons.
Peaceful Chorus
Music fills area around caster can be heard up to 45 feet away baring there’s no obstructions in the way. All creatures who can’t resist become friendly. Spell moves with caster. However, caster cannot stop playing or singing while active.
Lucina's Moonlight Lantern
This lantern was made by the fallen goddess Lucina. She was once considered a saint among the people of Parvpora before the Tree was tainted. She would light the way home for sailors using the moon. She created these lanterns to ward off the evil of her conclave siblings. When the tree became tainted these delicate stained glass lanterns were hidden so she could not destroy them.
Can see through darkness made by magic by ten feet.
Event Prize for The Abedian Festival of Color 2016.
Bottle of Abedian Color
The powder from the festival is beautiful all times of the year. It is crafted by magic to get the perfect colors in the bottle. It is a regenerating source of powder so one can have a miniature color festival all year long.
Bottle takes a day to regrow the powder. Does not create any damage but is perfect for drawing to music and entertainment.
Event Prize for The Abedian Festival of Color 2016.
Drae's Bottled Starlight
Made by the Keeper to help his children combat their fear of the dark, this vials of thick colored glass can cast a starscape on the walls and ceiling of a room. When placed on the ground of an area or on a shelf, it creates a circle of protection with a 20 ft Diameter.
Event Prize for Adraejen’s 2017 Event: Days of Hebheka
Book of the Daydreamer
An old and worn book with a beautiful leather cover. It appears as if it would hold many tales of old, but the pages are blank. Resting in the middle of the book is a beautiful quill made out of a peacock feather. When the two are used together, the story that is written in the book will come to life around the user, but the words disappear into the book. When the writer stops, the effect only last a moment longer before it disappears like it was never there.
Rhea's 2016 Event: Stories of Love
Snowflake Cloak
An item made of enchanted snow, this cloak glistens brightly in any kind of light without ever melting. Nowadays, they are frequently used as fashion statements as well as a mirrors, but the original snowflake cloak was apparently cursed to never let its owner go.
Crystal Shoes
These are perhaps the most beautiful shoes you have ever seen. They glimmer, sparkle, and glow with enchantment. Men or women are divine in them. They always seem to fit the foot of the person who wears them no matter if they are passed from one to another. These shoes make the wearer gain the ability to dance with fine precision. An excellent skill to have at a ball or gathering.
Event Prize for Staff's 2018 Holiday Event: The Celestial Ball

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